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    So who is playing the new Pokemon Go?

    lets get a rolecall going and then we can add each other as friends.

    I don't have that many pokemon yet, but only have been playing for a couple of days

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    I've been playing for about 3 days now. Got 20 different Pokemon now and best is pinsar at 298 CP

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    Last time, my little was playing that and he wet himself because he didn't want to go to the bathroom because it's too much fun

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    It's not as easy for me to play because of my mobility issues, but I've been playing with my wife too and she's driven me to a few pokestops which was nice. Fortunately our apartment is right on the beach so there's a lot of activity without me having to go too far, my best work thus far:

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    I have been getting way too many rattatas, pidgeys and weedles. Found a ghastly in the parking lot at work and 3 gyms right around there.

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