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Thread: Adult baby on America's Got Talent

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    Default Adult baby on America's Got Talent

    Stumbled upon this video on YouTube. Wonder if that is an actual diaper lover wearing a Cushie.

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    .. reasonably sure that was not an Adult Baby / Diaper Lover.

    Reasonably sure what we just saw there was someone paid to do something really silly on camera for 10 seconds to generate moments that people would remember for a television show. Way too scripted of an exchange.

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    In every audition there is always the worst of contestant will be shown again as a entertainer in tense moments.
    Everyone would do anything if they were paid, I think this was common in the every audition.

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    He was wearing an adult baby diapers, so he knew where to look on the internet.

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    What did I just watch LOL I wish I had the guts to do that on live TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeDude892 View Post
    When I saw that I was like "What the fuck did I just watch?!?"
    Yep what you said dude.

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    And for the next sign of the Apocalypse....

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    Oh, dear.

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