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Thread: what best molicare adult diaper

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    Default what best molicare adult diaper

    What the best molicare adult diaper i could get decide the supper plus?

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    I get super plus but really thick and wounder if any other for molicare good on absorbency and plastic or cloth not matter.

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    Super plus. I've tried premium soft super too and like that quite a bit, but definitely not as much as super plus.

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    Molicare Super Plus is an excellent day and night diaper.

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    I wear them already the Molicare Super Plus but find them to thick for what I need during day and night use. I was wondering if molicare had something like it but not thick as the plus are.

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    If you like the super plus, you should try the wellness briefs superio series. It's not molicare but they are excellent, all plastic, and pretty thin when dry. Just my opinion.

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    Molicare Super Plus. If you like to wear pull ups then get the Molicare Mobile.

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    they also have a line called dignity which is pretty absorbent but alot thinner

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