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    Cool Met a girl

    I've hung out at the bar a few times with her brother and father(I've known her brother since high school). I wasn't sitting by her but when her dad left she bought me a drink and sat next to me and we talked a lot. Then our one friend was playing music on the jukebox ripped us off our bar stool and made us dance together. She kissed me!!! Then we talked more. I'm hopeful.

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    From the movie "Casablanca": This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Maybe it will be a lot more than just a friendship!

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    Establishing a good relationship is a positive step in the process of psychological approach with your partner. Of course this is much needed when you and your pair began to get out of an initial commitment to the relationship a little injury.

    Tips to establish relationships in order to remain good:

    With the development of increasingly advanced technology could certainly be utilized for more intensive communication with your partner. for example, often call, SMS, or through social media interaction.

    With a relaxed chat and of course psychologically you and your partner closer despite the busyness of each. If the call to make your pair more comfortable, you have to find the right moment with fresh topics your pair don't feel bored. If her is in a state of fatigue shouldn't need to call too long, basically you don't need to impose to communicate if the condition doesn't allow.

    Care and Attention
    Treatment and attention to your pair is certainly more than others. For that when your pair's birthday or at certain moments you should to give surprise or gifts. Of course in this case you have to make your pair feel the most special person in your hearts.

    Likewise, when all the time your pair faced a problem we must first calm her own figure, encouraging, motivating, and to help find solutions. We don't need to be a super hero that seems to overcome everything, but your presence beside her is a valuable support for your pair.

    Learn the Characters of your pair
    By learning the characteristic of the pair means that you have a commitment to establish a good relationship with her. As a nice couple you should know what she likes and dislikes.

    That way you can understand is what you must do and what you shouldn't do on your pair. No need try to have sex outside of marriage because the effect would arise complicated problems later in life. If the pair a bit 'naughty' decline invitations that if harm you because in the end you don't necessarily marry her.

    Clarify the Relationship
    It should be a relationship leads to marriage and it should be a commitment. This means that these objectives should be disclosed and be committed both good beginning to while in a relationship.

    The clearer purpose of your relationship with her, the stronger the psychological closeness between you and your partner too. Of course it would be stronger if the parents of both sides know that relationship and accepting it.

    Muffle Emotions
    One thing that is not good if the emotion rewarded with the same attitude. In other words, you should try to be extra patient if your pair is emotionally unstable. Even if your partner made a mistake or a lie doesn't need to be repaid with explosive anger. Patient, calm, and keep using logic is the best solution to resolve the problem.

    Remember, your're trying to establish a good relationship with a partner so spoke gently but firmly is a wise move than having to use a high level of emotion that could potentially disturb the situation.

    The Support

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    Great to hear! Fingers crossed this is the start of something fabulous.

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    Thanks for the advice but it was mostly"take baby steps" which is what I plan on doing. She's a good girl and I don't want to mess it up. I'm gonna be real careful.

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    This was cute.

    I don't have much to say otherwise, but thanks for sharing your cute story of dancing and cootie spreading. Kisses. Tsk. >v>

    But still, super cute. Was she nice? Was she funny? What struck out at you about her?

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    She is smart and caring, I'm not attracted to dumb/slutty girls. I feel like she's out of my league and I will fall short of her expectations. A lot of talking needs to happen before any forward movement can occur. But I'm very hopeful.

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