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Thread: I am dreading my moms funeral

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    Default I am dreading my moms funeral

    I really can't believe my mom is dead and I don't want to go to the funeral as its final that she is dead and I been to one where my grandpa was cremated and I don't want to see that again knowing in the coffin is my mom! I don't know what to do and it has really hit me now that my mom is dead 3 days after she had died! I have to go in 15 minutes to get my hair done for the funeral, it's going to be horrible!

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    Funeral was the best day where you can commemorate your mother,
    everyone must pass it.

    You must accept whatever has happened to you, Anglic. if you keep your unbelief assumption that your mother is dead, it will make you continue to fear from time to time, and will cause a psychiatric disorder to your mind.

    Whatever has happened in the world both happiness and grief should be accepted gracefully. I'm not saying that you should forget about your mother for her devotion and the kindness that she had done, The devotion of your mother do is very well and her absence is the end of her effort, not means it will make us fear and don't believe in circumstances has occurred. It means she has to rest on what she has done to you.

    Sometimes accepting someone who's died in the funeral is difficult, especially if the person is important to you, like your mother. but you need to remember, this life always has a definite end that we will face it and don't let yourself be fool by being overtaken by fear and sadness.

    Do everything you can to start your day, so the reality of life as difficult as any that you encounter will afford you went through smoothly. One small action will be very meaningful if done in earnest, at least in this life continues to revolve.

    Don't be afraid of the funeral because it is a sign that you appreciate and respect the kindness of your mother.

    You must know that your mother is not death, but she turned into a supervisor in your entire life from now until your time was come.

    "The Funeral is not a Day in a Lifetime, it is a Lifetime in a Day"
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    I've been to enough funerals to know that attending them is one of the hardest things any of us can do. The anxiety and stress you're feeling isn't unusual, it's how you manage it. Please talk to your family and let them know how you're feeling. They themselves are most likely experiencing feelings of grief and anxiety, and will know how you feel. Support each other, console each other, and pull each other through this day as best you can. Just as we all come into this world, we all must leave at some point. The funeral is a ceremony to honour, remember, grieve and pay our respects to someone we loved, and someone who loved us. It is an important part of the grieving process in order to help you move on with your life and ease the pain. Do the best you can, and know that whatever happens, your mother would understand.

    I remember being at a funeral several years ago when a friend of mine passed away. I had been through so much stress because of personal issues and it was all compounded with his death. At the service, I recall taking a moment to look around behind me, and witnessed a church packed with people, familiar faces, friends, family, many people I knew and some unknown to me, all there to share their grief. He had touched so many people and we came together as one to remember him. The memory still takes my breath away. After the service we joined together and exchanged memories, stories, and consoled each other to help each other through the pain. I've learned through my experiences that we need to help each other to get through these difficult days. Everyone reacts to death in their own way, either through acceptance, shock or denial. There is no judgement in how you handle it. Your relationship with your mother was important to you, and always will be..

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    Wel judging by how you said you were getting ready for the funeral, I can only assume you did attend. And props for you attending the funeral. I've skipped out on funerals before, it's honestly better to go and confront the fact that it will be the last time you'll see that person. I see that you were apprehensive about your mother being cremated, if I read that correctly. Just remember that she will not feel the fire, her spirit is departed from the body. She is experiencing things in a whole new life free from affliction and pains.

    I look at funerals in a different way now, not as just mourning the loss, but celebrating the life that person led. Granted, we all mourn differently just don't forget to remember the good times.

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    I am a little late, so you probably all ready have gone to the funeral.

    One does not like to go to those, but a lot of time you have to.

    I have been through one for my dad and no it was not easy, but it did bring some closure and helped look at all of the good things he did.

    On a side note:

    I do not know about your family, but with mine funerals and weddings have the same out come. I loose all hope that I am adopted and I realize that I am not as screwed up as some of the other relatives and I see where the issues come from. My family compete to see who is the best at passive aggressive guilt trips, yet still put on airs that they are better off then everyone else.

    bottom line there is always a way to find a bright side to situations.

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    I can't imagine losing my mom at this point I know devistation would be the end result

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    Hugs Angelic.

    Losing my Mum was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

    The pain gets better over time - but never heals completely.

    Try to remember all the happy times you had together and your Mum will live on in your heart.

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    Good advise from Starrunner and others. Funerals serve a purpose in that they bring closure. They help us accept the reality of death but they also give us hope that life continues in another form. Funerals provide us with a place to share memories of the departed, and a place to find support from our family and friends. Tomorrow will be a better day, August a better month, and next year will allow things to fall into some sensible place.

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    You need to go to the funeral. Otherwise it will eat at you and be a big regret. Closure will never come. You'll never carry on. Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, hold it in. Let it out slowly.

    This will be the last time you EVER get to see her outside of a frame. This will be the last time you EVER get to touch her. To feel her. To smell her. For her to be in your presence. Even though she is lifeless, just to see her one last time, to say goodbye.

    Please don't skip this opportunity, it will eat at you forever, in regret.

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    Condolences... It gets a little easier every day. Look for signs that she's still nearby, even if not in our dimension. My mom passed in 1999, and I've had a couple dozen very real experiences that tell me she's out there, in some form. They're absolutely crazy experiences that I could potentially ignore, but each has had a settling effect on me. I was standing next to the crematory oven, when we put her in, so believe me, I know the pain, and I am deeply sorry for your loss. Don't let it ruin what you have left of life. Just learn to enjoy each day as if it could be your last day, and in that way, you'll get the most out of life. No regrets!

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