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Thread: Back again? Seriously? :D

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    Default Back again? Seriously? :D

    I thought I would reintroduce myself.

    Formerly known as CaptainVimes - only changed name because I fancied a change.. I thought It was courteous to let you all know who I am, I'm not hiding anything, I just wanted to change into a different character.

    I'm a severely disabled Mother who first found this forum by searching tapatalk for "incontinence". I am dual incontinent and also suffer urinary retention. I am now "plumbed in", (front and back) so I shouldn't REALLY need nappies - but I'm having problems with both set ups.. (I'm waiting to get back into my specialists to get the problems fixed)

    When I haven't got my face glued to my PC Monitor, Win10 Tablet, or Android phone, I also enjoy crafting - Card making, papercrafting, jewellery making, knitting, crochet...

    I also enjoy/ed a few TV series (Blacklist, Elementary, Sherlock, Dr Who, Person of Interest, Penny Dreadful, Bones, CSI, (before they canned it for stupid cyber division))

    If I'm not doing any of the above, you'll find me fast asleep on my chair. I'm chair bound so live in it 24/7.. (think old people riser recliner, not wheelchair or other) we occasionally get out of the house, but mostly it's a no go. heh

    I like to live by the "glass totally full" rule - because half of it is full with the defined liquid, and the other half is full of air and god knows what. I remind myself on a daily basis that there are oodles of people worse off than me.

    Anyway, enough of the waffling.

    I look forward to meeting those of you who remember me again, meeting new people for the first time, and blowing a raspberry at those who say "I'm sorry, who the fudge are you?"

    Thank you for reading.

    (and yes, I'm an avid Pratchett reader :P )

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    So, favourite Pratchett character? I can only narrow it down to three, Death, Vimes and Moist.

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    DEATH, Grannyweatherwax, Vimes, Nanny Ogg, Grebo, Carrott, good ole Nobby and cannot forget Foul Ole Ron

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