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Thread: Looking to try out the new DC Amor Diapers

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    Default Looking to try out the new DC Amor Diapers
    Not sure how many I should pick to start out and I am also unsure of my proper size. I can fit into an XL Girl's Goodnite rather well if that gives a reference. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Each manufacture and each diaper line has small dimensional differences and each person is shaped a little different. What this means, is that, I would not start with a large number. I normally start with 2 to see if a specific diaper will fit and that I like the design (photos don't always to justice to the actual product). Only if I like the samples will I order a larger case.

    Some people feel that two samples is too low to determine if you will like a diaper. They would probably go for the 12-pack.

    I can't advise on the proper size.

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    I just went to the link you provided in your post, Zillabrony13, and I saw waist/hip measurements on that page for each size that they offer. Scroll down a little to get to them - they're just above the pictures on that page. (I think they recently added those measurements.)

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    I saw them and I love them and I will definitely be trying them out.

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