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Thread: Wetting pants!

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    Default Wetting pants!

    Do you guys like to wet your pants? I love to when my larents aren't home. I hold it until I can't take it anymore then I stand in the shower and soak myself. I love it running down my legs!!! I clean up with a shower after. I do them same in bed when I'm not diapered!

    I love it

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    Yep, back in my teens I often wet my pants or bed when home alone. My favorite was wetting the bed, wallowing in my shame till satisfied and quickly cleaning up. It was a nerve wracking hassle to wash and dry my bedding before my parents came home. Had many close calls, but never got caught. Still, moms are smart, wonder if she knew.

    Curious, do you launder your wet pants and/or sheets before they return?

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    I'll do it in the shower on occasion, but still prefer diapers.

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    I personally find it an annoying and embarrassing experience that happens sometimes due to dribblage >>;

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    Yep, I do it all the time.

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    I used to before I was able to buy my own diapers. Not that often, but every few months, the desire would get so strong that I'd just soak a pair of underwear and then wash them in the shower. I've done it a few times more recently, mostly with the training pants that I got from Baby Pants, but I find the cleanup annoying and diapers feel way better so I generally prefer my accidents with protection.

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    How can you like that!? Wet pants are so uncomfortable! That's what diapers are for!

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    I used to wet my self often as a kid and more often than not it was deliberate. I used to love having a wet patch in my pants.

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    I love wetting my pants just as much as I do my diaper.

    I classify myself as both a DL, and a little, although not an AB. My little side is 9-12 years old, and I love being a kid who sometimes wets his pants.

    Now I can happily wear my nappy for fun, and not be little at all. Sometimes I don't even use it, but I'll have a few free hours, so I'll slip one on and just enjoy wearing it.

    But when I'm in little mode, I always wet my pants. That's why I do it. I love being a kid who is too distracted by playing or TV to stop and go to the toilet, and I'll have an "accident."

    However, being an older kid, it's not easy to incorporate diapers into my little time, unless I'm pretending to wear them because of bed wetting, or perhaps a long car trip. I realise that it's my fantasy, and therefore I should be able to be a diapered twelve year old if I choose to, but it's got to be at least semi believable for me. So usually, little me wets his pants, and DL me wets his diaper.

    I do occasionally manage to get the crossover happening properly, and be a diapered kid, but it's useless one or the other.

    I'll tend to wet myself on most days, even if it's just in my underpants before I have a shower. But shorts are my favourite, particularly when teamed with white ankle socks. There's some so cute and child like about that combination. I also like the socks and diaper combo as well.

    But I've enjoyed wetting my pants since I was a little kid and could pee in my swimsuit, and diapers are more of a recent thing, so I've probably used my pants hundreds of times more than a nappy.

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    When I was younger and didn't have access to diapers I used to wet my pants to try and get that humiliation feeling. I dont' really do it anymore.

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