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  • Could easily go with out

    4 2.63%
  • I would like them in my life

    12 7.89%
  • I want them in my life

    56 36.84%
  • I need them in my life

    42 27.63%
  • OMG couldn't go without them.

    38 25.00%
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Thread: How much do you love diapers

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    Default How much do you love diapers

    excoted to see that people think!!

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    I love diapers, they are who I am

    There the best thing in the world

    i WeaR 24/7 from now on xD there awesome.
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    I suspect somehow the diapers choose us... I don't ever remember saying to myself, I think I'll wear diapers forever. They just melted into my personality, at the point I was taken out of them. Even though I always thought there'd come a time when I would leave them behind, the desire only got stronger.

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    Diapers are so me but nobody outside of adisc likes it so I don't let them know in any way, it's a shame!

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    I wanted back in diapers the day they were taken away from me. So I guess it is not really a choice but rather a deep need and I know I will always be in diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    I suspect somehow the diapers choose us...
    Kinda like cats.

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    Cannot go without them, a big part of my life

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    I could live without wearing, but why would I want to. I choose to wear diapers, and I love them.

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    I need them because I am incontinent but am also unashamedly DL. I couldn't imagine not wearing nappies now.

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