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Thread: Why so many breathable side adult diapers

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    Default Why so many breathable side adult diapers

    Why is there so many breathable side adult diapers on market now days. I mean everyone of the once I can get through my insurance are breathable diapers.

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    What are breathable diapers?

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    They are more discreet and marginally more comfortable for people who have to wear them all day in public.

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    I know, but I'm afraid to use them because I'm a side sleeper. I worry about them leaking on me while sleeping on my side at night.

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    Well that all depends. Some people are heavier wetters, others sleep deeper and longer.
    Some diapers can handle side wetting, I know my CVS fitted briefs can handle one if I don't flood. Which reminds me I gotta do a write up about those sometime.... My suggestion is to experiment, and check your diapers. Some of them might got good leg guards, or even some side padding built into them.
    I just hope you're a light wetter.

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    The new depends diapers hold up well for me and there no breathable side like molicare I can get.
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    The breathable sides should not be letting light fluids out. It should allow some air to pass (meaning odors can pass as well), but the materials fine weave should not allow (light) liquids to pass through. None of the store or insurance brands fair too well with side wetting, even if plastic backed. If you can, invest in a good ABDL or premium brand.

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    The only brand can get depends and molicare brand and know molicare good but depend have no breathable side to them. But the molicare are thicker paired to depends diaper and could way more wetting.

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