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Thread: Do you guys wear your diapers so bed?

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    Default Do you guys wear your diapers so bed?

    Do you? And if you do, do you wet and mess? I sure do!

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    I wear sometimes at night but I only pee also welcome to ADISC

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    I do wear diapers to bed and yes i also wet and mess them

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    I wore one last night but I'm still pretty new to it and can't get myself to relax and wet except while standing in the bathroom. Probably a good thing this morning since it leaked.

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    I usually wear only in bed. Occasionally I might wear around the house if there's going to be a long period of time when my parents aren't home though.

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    I do wear diapers to bed sometimes, and I wet but I don't mess them.

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    Wear to bed?!, are you kidding, I wear all the time! Even at unconventional times!

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    I wear a nappy and plastic pants to bed every night and they are always soaking wet by morning.

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