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Thread: Rearz NEW Lil Squirts nappy

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    Default Rearz NEW Lil Squirts nappy

    Just been looking at the Rearz twitter site and I see they have a new nappy they are thinking of producing.

    It's a single tape nappy, it's only a limited supply to see if everyone likes them and the single tape design.

    I think they look cool, but as a Brit I won't get to try them, unless they start mass producing them as I won't pay the massive shipping costs to get them over here.

    So all you lucky Canadians and Americans will get to sample first!

    Here are a few picsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Cm4620dWcAAj3qj.jpg 
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ID:	26591Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cm47CoDXYAEjy7t.jpg 
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Name:	CmukKMUW8AA3oXa.jpg 
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    I got my hands on 2 of the single taped spoiled version and was really impressed, even though what I got was the trial run (less SAP etc.) They still had a great capacity, and almost the same secure fit of the double taped ones but with a much more "authentic" fit. I can't wait for the full production run!

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    nice. I'd call this another one I'd like to show my support of by at least ordering some to check out. I like to see new products like this brought to market.

    and the name, haha... nice touch. "Wear our Little Squirts, for your little squirts..."

    Will keep an eye open for these to hit their store. Oh wait nevermind, preorders are there, it's just not shown immediately. (their storefront really needs to be reorganized...)

    M size 32-44"
    L size 40-55"/100-150cm

    hmmm.... preorders on a limited quantity... ONLY available by the case... ca$140(M) / ca$145(L).
    A case seems like quite a large amount to "try out", particularly for an expensive high-end diaper?
    140+74 = ca$214 = us$164

    This is a PREORDER. Items are expected to ship on or about August 31, 2016. Supplies are limited. This product is a limited run to see how people like a jumbo single tape design on Rearz. If people love it we may just make more!
    If they already have a shipping date, the product has probably already been run and is getting on the boat now.

    btw, I'd like to point out these appear to have both front and rear elastic... their rated capacity *3800ml) doesn't match any of their other models so it's hard to guess. (are they just guessing at the capacities?) At any rate, the elastic should really help with the single tape fit.
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    they really should be offering a sample pack not sure I'd want to jump in on a product like that, especially the single tape design (more use to a 3 tape).

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    looks like it would be comfortable

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    Looks neat, but I'd want them with the same capacity as the Safari

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    Wow war paint central!

    Would definitely try them and 2 tabs are sensational!

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