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Thread: I just downloaded looooooots of games for my "Little time" 3DS!

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    Default I just downloaded looooooots of games for my "Little time" 3DS!

    OK so, you guys may recall that I am a gamer, and I have two 3DS systems, one for typical gaming and one for when my Little side is out and wants to play a video game. Well there were a couple games and apps that my Little side wanted, and discovered more while browsing the 3DS eShop. Early this morning a cheque dropped into my bank account and my Little side went on a shopping spree, and although I've spent every dollar there are still a few games that my Little side wants, so I guess she's just going to have to exercise patience, lol. Here's a pretty (if not completely) exhaustive list of the games my Little side has gotten, both today and recent purchases from a few days ago:

    Nintendogs Golden Retriever as well as French Bulldog (she's had Toy Poodle for a while already);
    Photo Clock;
    Smart Girl's Playhouse Mini;
    Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest;
    My First Songs 1 and 2;
    Lola's ABC Party;
    Lola's ABC Train;
    and Tales to Enjoy: Puss in Boots, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

    So what do you guys think? Remember, that may seem like a truckload of games and apps but there are still more I haven't purchased yet. thing I CAN tell you is that my Little side is VERY happy today.

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    Oh oh oh oh Get Pokemon Go! I love this game already. Actually any pokemon game would be great

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    Yes, even my normal side loves Pokemon, and I use both systems to do my own multiplayer on a regular basis

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    I got some simpler Little games for Little time too. Some really old Strawberry Shortcake games on the GBA, and a Lalaloopsy game for the DS. Would love to collect more similar games!

    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    Oh oh oh oh Get Pokemon Go! I love this game already. Actually any pokemon game would be great
    Pout. I don't have a phone that can play that, mommy won't get one for me, and the Pokemon games is full of making cute things punch each other which is rude and NOT how you say hello. Pokemon need to have far more tea parties and far less punch parties.

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    Yes, I'd have to agree with you there, there is still a little too much fighting in Pokemon. But Gen VI introduced Pokemon Amie, and on Alpha Sapphire I just LOVE entering my favourite Pokemon in contests

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