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Thread: Anyone with insider contacts in Abena? Pretty desperate...

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    Question Anyone with insider contacts in Abena? Pretty desperate...

    I'm looking for anyone who has good contacts inside Abena and can possibly get them to send a few cases of plastic-backed abri-forms.

    Abena's exclusive import company in Israel, Raz Progress, doesn't import plastic-backed Abenas to Israel. This is mainly due to a direct decision from Abena not to market this product.
    They supposedly only sell them (item no. 4163) to North America...


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    Sorry, I remember when they did this in Australia and I just stopped buying their now absolute garbage products and moved onto something different.

    I would love to be wrong but think you will find your very sane and reasonable want is ignored and those total worthless garbage cloth backed abenas with the useless tabs fill the shelf space that used to hold a somewhat good product.

    Better to look for/hope for an ABDL Diaper IMO.

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    There are NO plastic-backed brands in Israel. It's really annoying, everyone (including tena...) has gone cloth-backed.

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    no one here does, you might try contacting [email protected] and asking if they have any suggestions as I think as far as I know they are the only supplier of them here

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    I second XP Medical the Plastic Backed Abenas are my primary diaper, and I order it from them. I don't know how far they're able to ship but you might try

    The people that run it are nice, I've talked to them before, and I've occasionally ordered from them too, in fact with XP Medical having a shortage of boosters I ordered my booster shipment from them. I don't know how far they're able to ship necessarily though.

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    I think your only option is to order from a company that's willing to ship to Israel. There's no way of getting around the fact that International shipping is extremely expensive, heck in some cases its literally cheaper to buy a round trip flight, purchase the product in the foreign country, and take back as much as you can in your luggage. Just make sure to declare everything for customs.

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    Don't forget that US companies are one of the few that can ship to Israel due to politics

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    Hendrik a designer from Abena useto be quite active here, I'll omit his username for the moment, however due to the abuse he suffered when when they went cloth backed I've not seen much from him.

    Israel, does TenderCare not export there?
    Considering its a nation that practices wholesale genital mutilation on its male population and the risks involved in this genital mutilation process, I'd have expected a large selection of products to deal with complications from genital mutilation.

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    You could try BetterDry from in Spain. They seem the closest to you. but the site does not seem to have any product listings. Otherwise saveepress in germany maybe, they have everything.

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