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Thread: Best plastic pants for cloth?

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    Default Best plastic pants for cloth?

    What are the best plastic pants for use with cloth diapers? And where is the best place to ft them? I have tried baby, but they just don't last very long, and, which seem fairly good. I'm hoping to move to more re-usable diapers and want a quality plastic pant to go with them.
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    Most pants are a thin plastic. They are worth about two months. The thicker plastic (7Mil) will last two to three times as long. Then there are the PUL, which will last much longer.

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    PUL pants will last a really long time. Unlike regular plastic they are actually designed to withstand a lot of wear and heat, it's even generally safe to stick them through the washer and dryer.

    I've always been a big fan of the changing times ones. They're soft, durable, and have wide, stretchy elastic around the legs that doesn't dig into your skin like some of the others.

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    Thank you, these are great suggestions. I also appreciate the links!!!

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    I bought like 20 plastic pants from baby pants. Mine last 6 months though.

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    You can find a wide variety of very well made and comfortable waterproof pants of different materials at Baby Kins. Great service too.

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    where are they failing? if the plastic is splitting at the legs or waist, you may be trying to wear them too tight causing stress around the openings, try 1 or even 2 sizes larger, the larger will provide better coverage over your diaper, hand wash them! hang to dry.

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    I've been using the same PUL pants from Changing Times Diaper Co now for 2 years. Have 4 pair and wear a different
    one everynight over my twill prefold from same co.

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    I like Haian brand; get them on e-bay, they come from China. I wear both snap-on and pull-on ones. Many different styles and colors, too. They last forever.

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