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Thread: Tips on taping up better?

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    Default Tips on taping up better?

    So now that I've graduated from the el cheapo Walmart diapers, I've had a bit of trouble with diapering myself. Pretty much every time I tape up, the diaper ends up lopsided and it leaks halfway through its capacity. I use the 'against the wall' way of padding up, but there must be something I'm doing wrong with it. So...any advice?
    Also, I should mention that my member is always bent to the left, so please keep that in mind.

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    This Article would be a good place to start

    If taping standing I HIGHLY recommend going diagonally in your order. (lower, then opposite upper, then lower then opposite upper is my preferred order.) Practice makes perfect, just start with what you get recommended and adjust based on how it fits. A few badly taped diapers are expected, but you should get a nicely taped diaper method quickly!

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    I usually tape the lower tapes first, both sides slightly upwards and then the top tapes. Always get a snug fit that way.

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    Everyone has different methods of taping. Personally I start with the top tapes and then the bottom. What I'd recommend for you is to find landmarks on the diaper to aim for in order to center the tapes. It's a lot easier to be consistent if you know that they need to go a finger-width past where the padding starts or line up exactly with some text or whatever. Remember what you used last time and adjust based on that next time.

    In general as far as taping is concerned you don't want to aim for it being tight around the legs, as that will mess up the ability of the leak guards to stand up. It's also normal for the bottom of the diaper to hang down by about the width of your hand. This allows liquid to pool there instead of running straight out the leg openings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irnub View Post
    Everyone has different methods of taping. Personally I start with the top tapes and then the bottom.
    Basically that. Everyone's got their own way to do it. Look at various suggestions, try some, stick with what works best for you. I'm a top-first person also, but I've about perfected the ard of seting my diaper out on the bed and attaching all four tapes, then pulling them up like undies. Gives me a very consistent, perfect fit every time, and allows me to pretape a few for faster changes or morning dressing if I'm running behind. Also tapes stick better on flat plastic than they do on the often wrinked surface of a diaper on your body. (can be a much bigger issue with the lower tapes)

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