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Thread: The universe finally smiles.

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    Default The universe finally smiles.

    So I went through a terrible breakup a year back. She was the only person I had really told and experimented with diapers with. That's not why the breakup hurt, but it certainly contributed.

    Well. I've been seeing a really wonderful woman for the past couple weeks (she's very sexually active and open). And. She knew I was hiding something, so, we had "the conversation."

    I could never have guessed I'd hear this in response:

    "So. I'm 100% on board with exploring this with you. I'm really glad you felt comfortable enough to talk about it."

    .... I have no words...
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    Sounds great, hopefully the relationship blossoms in other areas as well.

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    It's pretty great so far. She's so incredibly smart. We've stayed up talking till sunrise multiple times. I can't believe it, honestly.

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    Thats an awesome thing to have someone who supports you in something so personal, congratulations you found a keeper.

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    Sometimes we luck out, just remember to take good care of her and go easy with your expectations.

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    wow awesome one people like this are pretty rare to find lol make sure you takes things slow with here and dont put too much on here at once.

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    It doesn't sound like she is going slow with it. Continue to let her take the lead. Sounds like she wants to understand everything about it, just be open and honest with her. Congratulations on finding such a great gal.

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