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Thread: Taking a few days off!

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    Default Taking a few days off!

    I am sick and in distress I am tired of what stresses me out (in real life) so I am taking a few days off. Prolly longer if I need it! So you win!!!

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    Ooh, what'd I win?!?

    Hope you have a good break. Take it easy and we'll see you when you get back.

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    The fact that I am not here anymore to annoy you guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisuke View Post
    The fact that I am not here anymore to annoy you guys anymore.
    I don't think that counts as much of a prize. I've been annoyed by experts and you haven't been in the running. Still, take a little time if you want. Hope to see you back soon

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    Sometimes it's good to take a break for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Thinking things over, sleeping on them tends to put them in perspective.

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    Even though I would never have blamed ADISC as a cause of stress in my life I have found when I am busy and can't get on the forums that I do feel calmer. Hope you find this the same and that you start feeling better soon!

    Be seein' ya!

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    Sometimes you just need a break, even from places like ADISC. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but my posts often come in clumps. One month I'll post a reasonable amount (reasonable to me anyway) then the next month I'll post very little. At times I don't post anything at all for a couple weeks because I was too busy with something else or I wanted some time to myself.

    Well, see you when you feel it's time to come back!

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