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    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone could give me any help on which is the best diapers/nappies to buy from Amazon uk?

    I was looking at the Lille supreme fit diapers but I saw someone say that have a tendency to leave through the back - so guessing would need plastic pants with them.

    I just want to see if there are any others less likely to leak through the back if your sat down etc.

    Thanks 😆

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    I would say Diaper Connisseur. But I think nappies are more available here than in the UK.

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    Lille supreme fit maxi are always a shout from Amazon

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    you would need training pants for leak protection. training pants have a terry/cloth inner lining to absorb fluids.
    also, Lille are pretty crap, nowadays, and have a nasty pong when wet (not to mention the leaking). and you generally can't believe what sellers say about their products (if it's plastic-backed or not, etc) and they rarely put good, current photos up of their products.

    atm, Cuddlz and Drylife sell via Amazon (they have their own websites, too: google 'cuddlz' or 'incontinence shop' for more info) and, as far as i know, they provide the best information about their products, but i can't vouch for any of them as i've not tried them (apart from Betterdry, which i dislike). just search 'cuddlz' or 'drylife' on Amazon.

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