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    So recently I have had a few accidents while sleeping. Primarily when I'm extremely tired after working long hours and/or after having several drinks after a night out. I'm a very heavy sleeper and believe that I sometimes get in a deep sleep and don't wake up when I have to go.

    After having a couple of accidents, my wife purchased and suggested I wear Depend Real Fit pull-ups on these nights. She reassured she was ok with it and she was not judge mental about me wearing. In attempt to avoid more embarrassing accidents I have agreed to her terms to wear on these nights.

    I like how the real fit pull-ups look and feel. They are very comfortable but I have noticed the padding in the back is pretty low and they do not have the raised leak guards. I don't feel these are ideal for overnight use.

    I am looking for suggestions on other discreet premium pull-ups that I can trust for overnight use. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

    Sorry for the long post!
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    Try Always Discreet female pullups. They have standing leak guards. I wear them but don't sleep in them.

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    This depends on the amount of output you expell during the night.

    Not just because we here prefer diapers but they'll be your best bet. They have better coverage. Pullups tend to have padding in one narrow strip through the garment. That would be straight through the middle. It only goes so far up the front and back.

    They do have overnight pullups, but, they are designed for continuous light leakage through the night. Like stress incontinence that produces leakage while coughing.

    You can find discrete diaper options that'll work. They don't have to be the thickest if they don't need to be. What they will do is provide better coverage and some do feature leak guards.

    Before you make a decision, you need to know how much protection (capacity) you do need. What position do you sleep in. Are you leaking in dribbles or a few drops? Are you having floods during the night? Then you can decide on a product that'll suite your needs.

    You also have a pad and pant option depending on your needs.

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    Try the Tranquility Overnight pull ups and Abena Abri-Flex. These are the most absorbent pull ups out there.

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    Do you sleep on your side? Most pull-ups are not very good for side-sleepers. If you are a side-sleeper, you may need to go to a diaper.

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    Pretty much Abri-flex I wear depends ONLY for exercise and brief periods during the day. The're not very good (and getting worse than they used to be).

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