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Thread: Pokemon GO is rolling out!

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    Default Pokemon GO is rolling out!

    I'll be sure to get it.

    Who else is going to be playing? Also if there are friends lists, would you be willing to battle and trade?

    I can't wait to see what kind of pokemon are native to my area <3
    Living in Texas, I'm hoping for a ponyta.

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    I am definitely going to be playing!!!

    I haven't played Pokemon since the original 151, but I LOVE to hike and bike and swim in the great state of New Hampshire, and when I saw Pokemon go, I knew i had to get it!!!

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    Went out walking all night with friends looking for pokemon. IT WAS AMAZING!
    Probably shouldn't have lol. With me still being in a recovery it really came back to bite me in the butt and now I need to pull out the crutches again. Oops!

    Found a really fun hotspot with 4 item spots and 2 gyms near a church. Couldn't beat the gym but it sure was a lot of fun trying. Tried to hunt down a sneaky rapidash but couldn't find it X/

    Have you guys gotten a chance to play yet?

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    I went out pokemon hunting tonight. Got a lot of pokemon. A bunch of eevees and even a pikachu

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    Lucky! I found a pikachu yesterday but it ran away
    Wanted to go out and look for pokemon but the servers have been down since noon for me. Really hope they come back by tomorrow when I leave town to go to the beach. I would LOVE some water pokemon.
    The google log in works but all my data is in the pokemon club sign in

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    I just downloaded it. I can't wait to give it a try. I've been playing Ingress since the beginning so I wonder how many of the portals/hot spots cross over between games.

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    Yeah spooked my neighbors a little bit when walking around looking for pokemon at 4 am lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilTusoul View Post
    Yeah spooked my neighbors a little bit when walking around looking for pokemon at 4 am lol
    Me and a friend did the same last night. We went from 2 pokemon to 33 in a few hours.

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    My neighborhood is full of Eevees! Also I was on steam with some buddies when a metapod showed up. Since I had my laptop to the side and the phone aimed infront of me while on my bed it appears right on my thigh. My buddy heard me yelling about where the metapod showed up and said "metapod use harden". I am not sure whether to be mad or amused XD

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