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Thread: UK bodysuits/onesies

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    Default UK bodysuits/onesies

    also from,
    (their PJs look interesting)

    up to age 14 in size. they look like the Australian Wonsie, but i don't if they're made by them.
    and if you fit into age 8 stuff, Marks and Sparks have starting selling SN clothes.

    i got grey so that i can put on a Weyland Yutani logo

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    These are OK, good to see UK info on here, but I prefer the ones without the little legs ie the leg holes are diagonal at the bottom like underpants, like a baby bodysuit / popper vest.
    You can get this kind from Racketys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambus View Post
    These are OK, good to see UK info on here, but I prefer the ones without the little legs ie the leg holes are diagonal at the bottom like underpants, like a baby bodysuit / popper vest.
    You can get this kind from Racketys.
    i know what you mean, but i'd wanted this type for yonks, after seeing similar on Amazon by 4Care (too pricey for me, with the P&P):

    to be honest, i went off crotch fastenings yonks ago as, more so with bulky/saggy trad nappies, they're too awkward to fasten by yourself. i thus opted for Rackety's Joey vest, which fasten along the tummy:

    i tarted-up that by myself, btw .
    anyway, the newly bought vest has not long since arrived and it's not bad. obviously, you can tell that it's designed for dispies rather than trads. the material is a cotton/elastane mix, so it's stretchy. the sleeves are a bit short, but they always seem to be on these types of garments; don't know why that should be as sleeves are always good for wiping your nose, and some of us are snottier than most
    downsides, apart from the sleeves, are the crotch fastening, especially as there's more poppers, and that the sewn seams are on the inside, next to the skin, rather than on the outside (where they should be, grr).
    a side note would be a concern about how the sizings relate to those with Down's, who tend to be stockier/chubbier than their non-Down's peers. going a size up would obviously be the solution, but for a 14 year old???

    overall, not bad and worth a punt if you can fit into the age range.

    quick update: the supplier also supplies the Wonsie via it's own website:
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    Babykins in British Columbia makes wonderfully onesies in boat neck, tank top , long sleeved , short sleeve, as well as long leg and polo/ golf shirt, Jenny does great work I have a huge selection as I wear one everyday as either undershirt or overshoot, if you order ten or more of any item she will usually discount five dollars from each item, they will also be custom made for the sizing you need, rather than off the rack should fit deal, and on large orders for me she has paid the shipping and customs fees also, in the customs declaration they come as medical clothing. She will also do custom modifications for cheap if you want pockets or anything like that, want a great long wearing garment that fits like a glove check her out, and if you make an order make sure to fill out her custom clothing form with all the required measurements on her website, she will make one send it to you to try and if anything Ned's changing to get the fit or comfort you desire she will do it to all the products ordered for the run. She uses good metal popers and does a real good job on the seams, I have not found anyone with a better Product!

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    Nice onesie, I am a girl and not a fan of spider man but it looks good for a boy in my perspective and well made.

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