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Thread: Baby powder

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    Default Baby powder

    Should I use and what is it for? It sounds nice though...

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    I use it to absorb wetness, also it covers up the urine smell.

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    Is it safe inside a diaper for girls

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    I heard about corn starch powder, does that have ten same effect?

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    Yes corn starch will do pretty much the same thing minus the fragrance.

    And if you use to much it can affect the absorbency of your diaper, apply it to your body, dumping some in after you tape up is a waste of money.

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    I'm a girl and use baby scented corn starch baby powder (generic walmart brand)
    Keeps you dry after a diaper change and helps reduce chafing and rashing due to excessive moisture.

    Can apply it directly to skin or a thin layer in your diaper.

    Just don't put too much or it'll reeeeally dry you out or form into globs when wet.

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    So it won't smell nice, I wanted to use it to reduce smells and stuff, I think I should buy a bottle anyway and try it.

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    They sell scented corn starch baby powder

    Unless you're buying a box of pure corn starch. In which case that doesn't have an odor.

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    I couldn't find vornstarch anywhere so i Bought Talc, is the Same as talcon? Is there sufficient evidence that talcon or "talc" causes ovarian cancer?

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