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    On 4 July I was tuning around the band blowing CQ , and then I hit the jackpot when I tuned to 7228.36 and run into a special event that was operating to raise awareness of Paws and Stripes an organization that Trains service dogs for Veterans coming home with PTSD and TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injuries) well these are very close to my heart because putting aside my physical health problems I too have both of these, and know that Paws and Stripes is training dogs to become a Team with a wounded Soldier and know what my service dog has done for me , so needless to say this special event station and I chewed the rag for quiet a long time about service dogs and the people who have them, I was the last station he talked to before ceasing operation for the year, he ran the station all bands all modes from the 1 st to 4 the of July and I contacted him around around 23:40 Zulu , he was operating out of Illinois and I was operating a portable station in upstate N.Y just beyond the border of PA , and I encourage anyone who can to visit , because they operate on donations from the public if you can stop by there website and read about and look at some of the pictures and videos of us Teams as well as visit the store and get some gear for your favorite dog or yourself ( every dog needs a collar, and depending on the person and personality or fetish some people need them too) in there Websters, all profits go in support of training new teams, or if you are able consider donating what ever you can to Enable the organization to continue its mission.

    I also on the fourth got my last contact needed to have worked all of the 13 original colony's ( states) that were the building blocks of the USA , it's a tradition to do this 4th of July weekend and it took me all weekend , an multiple bands to finally nail it down with a QSO with the special event station in Virginia.

    Thanks for reading and for those with families I hope you all got to get together eat some barbecue and some watermelon nothing says party like some good food , shared with the ones you Love.

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    My dog helps me a lot. When I get stressed out I take him out in my yard and play with him. It helps me stop thinking about what I've seen.

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    I hear you there a dog's love is unmistakable, my guy knows when I am pissed off at somebody or if I am for lack of better words to upset to be healthy and comes and will give me the cold nose in the side until I pay attention and play with him which calms me right down, and always comes and stays beside me if I am going to have a seizure until I regain consciousness I sometimes wonder if I had an extended seizure if he would press the button for Emergency services on his own but there is no real way to find out, mine is a pure bred yellow lab but in sunlight he actually looks white, my neighbor across the courtyard has a black lab that is a cousin to my dog, we often open our doors and let them play and socialize in the grass, they also love to have a ball or something thrown to see who gets there first.

    Do you also have PTSD ? do you get flashbacks to the "event".
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    Was dog sitting the past week for my friend... you can really tell what those two are thinking XD

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    Well they are thinking let's dump our dad's and go hump, and then just start right in front of us, dogs have no shame even if they are both neutered males.

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