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Thread: A secluded princess' picnic

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    Default A secluded princess' picnic

    Hiiii everybody

    I just wanted to share what I've been up to today. I've been feeling a lot more little lately, and wayyyy more into my LG side, but I have to many people snooping around my house for me to go all out with my diapered time. I got a bunch of stuff from bodyline and I can't wear it often at home, so...

    I packed it all in my car, drove off into the middle of nowhere country roads, and had a picnic! I changed in the car when I found a quiet spot and set up in the shade and all day long I haven't seen a single person!

    Pretty Princess Parties yay!

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    Gasp, a pretty princess picnic. Where was my invite? I feel like one of these things aren't allowed to be carried on without me. I was sure I got that in writing.

    In all seriousness, sometime it just is important to get by yourself and be adamant about what you want! I'm glad you did it, rather than just thought of it! I hope it was as lovely as it sounds! ♥

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    Well at lest u can do what people are supposed to do wear diapers and have a baby life I have to meny people in my house to so some times I do the same thing

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    Here's a pic of my setup in the shade!

    Not shown: food, water, the car, books, and a very, very wet Princess Pink diaper from Rearz
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    That is such a great idea and I'm actually a bit jealous, I want to do that it seems really cool. I really can't do any of this at my house cause of too many snoopy people and the lack of space.
    It seems like you had a great time and congrats on having what looks like a great little girl day.

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    It sounds exciting. When I was in college and my mom had discovered I was gay, and my college friend I had been bringing home for several years was also my lover, we had to find other ways to get together when we weren't in college, so he rented a motel room. Any port in a storm, though I love doing "interesting things" in the woods. There's such a sense of adventure!

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    This sounds like an amazing idea! I would consider doing it where I live, but nowhere country roads for me probably means I'm gonna be mauled by mountain lions, bears, or eaten up by ticks, but I guess that's the trade off for privacy xD

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