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Thread: A childhood memory: permission to use my diaper

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    Default A childhood memory: permission to use my diaper

    I remember one Christmas morning, I would've been 8 or 9, when I was told to use my diaper.
    As a bed wetter, I wore cloth training pants with plastic pants to bed most nights, but on Friday and Saturday nights, I wore an actual disposable diaper to bed, as I stayed up later, got more tired, and thus was more prone to a heavier wetting. These were bigger sized baby diapers, Kimbies, an Australian brand, and I eventually outgrew them when I was around 10 or so.
    So Christmas Eve, I obviously stayed up late, and went to bed in a nappy. I woke up fairly early, as kids do on Christmas Day, and of course my nappy was a bit wet, although not saturated.
    Now normally, I would eat breakfast, then shower and change out of it afterwards, but of course on Christmas the normal rules don't always apply. For the life of me, I cannot remember exactly what present I got that had me so excited, but it was either a skateboard, pogo stick, or totem tennis, but regardless, it was an outside toy, and I couldn't wait to play with it.
    We were going to my aunts house for lunch, and I'd shower and get dressed into my good clothes then.
    So I opened my presents, got all excited, but then had to sit down and eat before I could play with them. Of course mum asked if I was wet, and I told her that I was, but begged to have a quick play with my new toys before I had a shower.
    I guess it kind of made sense in a way to let me, as otherwise I would be getting dressed into my good clothes and probably get dirty before we left, so I was allowed to delay my shower, and I went outside still wearing my damp night nappy under my pyjamas.
    While I was playing, I realised that I needed to pee, but knowing that if I said anything, it would result in being sent for a shower as soon as I had taken my nappy off and used the toilet, I decided to hold on instead and keep playing.
    Eventually I was busting, so I decided to do a sneaky wee in my already wet diaper, and nobody would know. I remember hiding around the side of the house, and trying to slowly wee in it, so it wouldn't leak.
    I probably managed to half empty my bladder, when my diaper reached its capacity, and I had to stop peeing, in case it leaked.
    After doing this, I still needed to go, although not as desperately, and my nappy was starting to sag under my pyjamas. I kept playing for a while, but it didn't take long for my need to pee returned with a vengeance. Stopping halfway was apparently only a stop gap measure, and the urgency soon returned just as badly as it was before.
    Knowing I couldn't risk going in my diaper again, I gave up, and went inside to go to the toilet.
    But when I got there, my mother was sitting in there, and dad was in the shower, which by the way was in the seperate bathroom.
    I told mum that I was busting to pee, and then I'd have a shower, and I was potty dancing around a little bit.
    Talking to me through the closed door, mum was frustrated because she had just sat down, and dad had just gotten into the shower.
    She told me to just go back outside and pee in my nappy, and I could come inside to shower when dad had finished.
    I was desperate by this stage, and a bit relieved as well. By using my diaper again with her permission, would hide the fact that I'd already wet it again while I was playing outside earlier.
    I was wearing bright red, lightweight cotton shortie pyjamas, and I hobbled back outside with permission to wet my diaper in them.
    While I don't recall the actual act of wetting in great detail, I do remember my diaper leaked from both leg guards, and the inside legs of my shorts got very wet, and I had pee on my legs and feet afterwards, and my diaper was then literally hanging off me, only kept in place by my now wet pants.
    I recall being a bit embarrassed, but not too much, as I'd only done as I was told. I just continued playing, until at last, my mother came out to get me.
    She obviously noticed how wet my pants now we're, but didn't really say anything about it, just sent me to the bathroom to shower, where she took my pyjamas and diaper off, and took them all away with her.
    I don't think she ever told dad what had happened, and after my shower, I got dressed and we left for lunch.

    Memories like this are what form a large part of my age regression play. It would be nice to be treated like a kid again, and told to use my nappy or pants in an emergency.

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    Reading that made me really envious as I wish I needed diapers when I was younger

    Great story none the less

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    Childhood memories is the underlying experience of our personality today, whatever happened in the past will determine our life in the following days. You already have the experience that underlies life now and you are worth to remembering it.

    I have the same life experiences as well, where I'm must to wear diapers at the age of seven which makes me like this now. my parents still think of me as a toddler until now and their treatment to me.

    I appreciate and love them and I don't consider that my past as a bad situation, but I made my past life as an excellent foundation for the next day. I will never regret what has happened in my past because I should be grateful for whatever happens.

    becoming what we in the future is the building of the foundation of our past and I'm sure your experience is the foundation of your life now as a diaper lover.

    Let everything that happened to you be the form of yourself now.


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    My parents didnt let me wear any thing other than underwear at night for my bedwetting. age 5-10 I awoke in a sea every morning.
    Sounds real nice that your parents let you wear a diaper.

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    Lovely story Wombat, how fabulous a normal event like that can have a lasting positive impact!

    I remember Kimbies btw they were the nappy with the printed cover!

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    That sounds nice. I'm glad you have positive memories like that.

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    We had Kimbies in the US (not sure if they were the same). "Baby shaped Kimbies" were a departure from the old Pampers, etc which esentially were rectangular (much like the early adult diapers were in years to come). I mused at the time why Kimbies got this right and the disposable diapers I had were still like ten year old Pampers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As I've mentioned in other posts, I was required to wear a just-in-case diaper for events such as long car rides or church services when I would not have access to a bathroom for prolonged period. The rule was that I should try not to use the diaper unless I really, really needed to go. On the other hand, I was wearing a diaper for a reason and was expected to use it instead of whining about needing to go.

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    Once when I was four or five, I had a pants-wetting accident at my Grandparents' house. My grandmother, confused and probably appalled that I was still having accidents, asked my what my Mom normally does in these instances. Even as a young child I was always scheming, so I claimed that my Mom usually put me back in a diaper. I argued about it a little, but she ended up going along with it. There were tons of cousins my age and younger, so there were baby diapers around the house.

    For the rest of the day, I ran around in nothing but a diaper in a T-shirt for a bit while my pants and underwear went through the wash. Needless to say, this is how I was dressed when my Mom and sister came to pick me up. My Mom was not pleased that I had not only peed my pants, but duped my Grandmother into putting me in a diaper… Which I had always been very outspoken about wanting to be put back into.

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