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    Default It's not looking good

    My moms condition has detiriated (gotten worse) in the past few days, she was hardly responsive, any more infections or treatment could kill her and worst of all today she was screaming in pain and crying for her mom. All the family now agrees that she is on her last legs.

    I am so glad I managed to build a relationship with her in the past few years since I had not before and my last words were "I love you" I am going to miss her but I am going to be glad when she passes away because of her multiple health conditions, she won't be in any more pain, no health conditions, just being happy and healthy in heaven. I am not sure if she is going to be stronger tommorow but my family had to pull me out of college to see her so it must be bad.

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    Default No matter how you may see it coming...


    You seem brave and strong perhaps pragmatic in your approach...

    No matter how you may see it coming, you may find afterwards, that you weren't prepared... yet, don't fret if you do feel okay afterwards - I thought that I was relatively okay afterwards ; only to find out that I was not anywhere near okay then...

    Individual experiences vary from a little to a great deal...

    Do take care of yourself please.

    My best to you,

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    hang in there brave girl. Get as many hugs as you can, you're gonna need them. Try be there for your mum as much as you can.

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    Remain steadfast angelic, on whatever happens. that's the cycle of life, there are happy times and hard times. but all things we must live with sincerity.
    Grief is sometimes difficult to deal with, but there is always joy behind it, even if you mom is not there later, but I'm sure she will continue to see you from a far place, to support you in the future.

    "Dont worry"

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    I've been where you are Angelic so I know how difficult this is. My mom was in a coma, the result of advanced cancer. I was 27 years old and employed by the largest Methodist Church in Ohio. I would visit my mom early in the morning, at lunch and after work though she was unresponsive.

    My wife went back to New Jersey to close down her apartment and pack her belongings so I was alone with my mom this particular Saturday morning. For no reason, my mom came out of her coma, was alert and seemed well. We talked for a long time and I caught her up and all the things my wife and I were doing. My mom was so pleased. Eventually she closed her eyes and I never got to talk to her again, but for me, it was a miracle.

    My mom had great faith, and all through her illness she always seemed happy. I think she knew where she was going and it was a good place. One day, we will all get to that place of peace and light. Blessings on you Angelica and on your mom. There will be better days.

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    I was in the same situation with my Mom before she passed-away at age 72 in 2008.
    She had a large number of health problems, plus Dementia.
    I know what you are feeling.

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    Marka's advice is solid. These things affect everyone differently. You seem to be coping well, but there are times when everything can hit you all at once. Sometimes its almost overwhelming.

    I wish the best for you and your family, Angelic. Hang in there and stay strong.

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    All of my best to you.

    I hope you find the strength to find solace and reasoning in your time of grief and worry.

    Love is all we require in the end.

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