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Thread: AB/DL/TB as stress relief?

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    Default AB/DL/TB as stress relief?

    does anybody use their AB/DLor TBism as a way to relieve
    I do and I find it helps me be less stressed out.
    any body else?

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    But of course.

    I'm an extremely stressed individual in general.

    One of the best ways, for me, to relieve stress, is to sit around in a girl diaper and girl shirt (I have a baby blue Poke'mon girl shirt ^.^) with a pacifier and watch cartoons. Totally innocent and cute and sweet. :3 I love it.

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    Aside from being an AB, it's also used as a great stress reliever tool. Nothing melts away stress like a thick diaper.

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    Stress relief, distraction, connecting fantasy with real life etc. It has always been a mixed bag for me: on the one hand it soothes me enormously, reduces stress, allows me to take care of myself. And on the other hand it adds the "what am I doing?" kind of stress or self doubts.

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    Yes, definitely. Actually, the 'stress relief' is one of the major draws for me.

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    Without doubt. Putting on a diaper to sleep in on a Friday night melts away all the stress of the week


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    Well of course!

    It literally is a huge stress relief for me and the main
    reason i do TB things.

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    Definitely, without a doubt. The stress of school and life in general can sometimes be a real burden, so it's great to have a stress reliever when things are tough : )

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    It CAN be a stress reliever. But getting the items required for the stress relief, and hiding them, can be EPICALLY stressful.

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