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Thread: Fourth of July diaper ooops!

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    Default Fourth of July diaper ooops!

    I'm so glad I have a good sense of humor about these things. I had a bit of an accident while padded up at the store this morning!

    I was browsing the notebooks at Target this morning when I felt the urge to pee. No big deal, right? It started as a non-eventful wetting when I relaxed a little too much and... uh oh! And no, this wasn't a shart. This was a good ol' scoop of messy, crackling solid that invaded my diaper seat!

    Cue the instant paranoia! LOL! I didn't want to be inconsiderate, so I made sure I wasn't leaving a stench. I walked VERY fast to gather the items I sought, used the self-checkout (%$&@! chip card! Please don't let the nice store associate come assist me...), and briskly walked back to my car.

    On the bright side, cleanup at home was VERY easy!

    Has anyone else gone from zero to Captain Poopypants in public?

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    I've never messed in public, even on accident, but I have wetted on accident a couple times before.

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    That's an every day part of my life, I had a good weekend though, we did our celebrations on the 2nd because my Dad wasn't going to be down on the 4th. I only had to change one messy diaper at his house and the Abena L4 with a AbriLet Maxi booster was a trooper, I honestly expected to be leaking by the time we were done, and it held all the way through. It was an Independence Day miracle, :P

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    Indeed rather feels a little odd to do excretion such as urinating or poop in public, I had experience like this when I first wear diapers. So at that time me and my parents attended a family event and I really don't believe the room was filled with people even jostling.

    Naturally I was a bit scared because it was the first time I wore diapers and worse still my stomach was very ache, I told my parents that I could not hold it any longer, I also can't get out to the toilet because the place was full of people.

    O god, I had to defecate at here.
    I can't imagine in amidst a crowd of people I poop, feelings of shame and fear have been mixed.

    Fortunately, the event was not too long and people have started to go home and I immediately ran to the toilet without caring any more.

    when I returned to our table, I saw a dish is eaten away and my parents told me that we must go home,
    even a single dish I not tasted yet!
    it's crazy, really the worst incident ever occurred in my life.


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    I have IBS, so there have been times when I was stuck and legitimately could not hold it.

    One of the times being stuck on the bus in lincoln tunnel traffic. I've never felt so embarrassed and horrible for the people around me. Luckily there weren't many people on the bus and the diaper held up fine.

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    I had a 4th of July oops as well, but not quite as hard to hide. Was standing around a bonfire with a bunch of friends when I felt some urine leak out of my diaper (I had been drinking a lot and neglecting to change), felt my shorts to see if it was a problem and to my horror I had a wet spot 3" wide by 6" long down the front of my shorts! (They were a light green too, so it showed up real well). At first I thought of just facing the fire to hope it would evaporate, but it was pretty humid out and I just knew someone would see it. I was pretty nervous for a bit, but then had a great idea!

    I finished all but a little bit of my drink in my solo cup and rather loudly dropped it, letting an expletive fly. My friends all turned around to look at me, saw the cup on the ground, and the spot on my pants and assumed I had spilled on myself - one of them even said "haha, now it looks like you peed yourself!". None of them know about my incontinence, so I knew I had pulled it off successfully!

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    Princess Captain Poopypants, thank you very much.

    I tend to avoid being diapered in overly public areas, tend to focus more on private but still technically out occasions, but I've certainly had my own versions of what you're describing. Nothing better for making you feel like a silly potty pants and feel that warm bashful glow. Thanks for sharing. ♥

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    Another IBS person here, so yeah I've had it happen it isn't pleasant, but if you don't make a big deal about others won't either, I just go about getting to the nearest bathroom as conveniently possible. If it feels like i'm having one of those days I make sure to wear a diaper

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    What's worse is being disabled on a bus and being totally innocent,but if there is an offensive odor, or anything you get the accusing looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    What's worse is being disabled on a bus and being totally innocent,but if there is an offensive odor, or anything you get the accusing looks.

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    God tell me about it, I think the Bank is the worst one, for some reason there are never competing smells in the Bank so you stick out like a sore thumb, :/

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