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Thread: Which depends are the thickest

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    Default Which depends are the thickest

    I have access to depends and am looking at protection with tabs or adjustable but i dont know what are the thickest depends and my waist size is 28-30

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    The protection with tabs are the best from depends. If you can find them go with those if you want to stick with depends but their are plenty of better brands. I thought the adjustable are garbage . I have a pack I bought on accident and will not touch them.

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    I used to like Depends for discreet wear before they went to clothlike covers for Protection with Tabs. If you can stomach clothlike covers, that's all I could suggest. However, there's really nothing thick about them, so I'd recommend buying some stuffers as well (either baby diapers you tear apart and put drainage holes in or adult ones specific for the purpose).

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    I used to use the protection with tabs til they went cloth, near the end they got thinner and thinner and the absorbent part continued to get smaller til it no longer covered the crack... led to some blow outs that wouldn't have happened if depends hadn't deisigned it so it barely covered the butt. At this point... there is no reason to wear depends over generic prevails unless you like the little stars that are on it because depends cost cuts by using old pullups matirials to make the briefs.
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    The best Depends you can get will have another name like Tranquility or Abena, because real depends are garbage and are worthless out of the bag and super crap when they have taken half a wetting and the rest goes in your pants.

    If you like diapers get some and wear them.
    If you want to pee your pants and get really pissed at how much money you waisted get depends.
    Me personally wish everyone would stop buying that garbage ,only then will the company smell the toast burning and either leave the market or put out a serious product, they have not listened to our complaints in many years and continue to churn out garbage, they make money the old fashioned way, they steal it!

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    Tranquility is cheaper and is considersbly better. Depend is terrible when it comes to products beyond light incontinence. Their most absorbent product that they have holds maybe 16 ounces max. That's typically one average void for an adult. If you plan on flooding at all at the smallest amount, it will leak. Depend is not very enjoyable for most of us because of it. It's not comfortable, it's ridiculously thin. The worst part is that they own so many patents that most US manufactured adult diaper companies cannot add simple features to make their products superior.
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