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Thread: Diapers On Characters: Yes Or No?

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    Default Diapers On Characters: Yes Or No?

    Okay, let's see...

    There are some out there in our community that enjoy cartoon characters with diapers on them.

    I'll see a diapered picture of Sonic, or Pikachu, or something like that, and just think -___________-;;

    Yay or nay?

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    Well personally I usually group those with babyfur pics. I know they're not the same, but for me, it's just like bleh, next image. Doesn't do anything for me. But I understand some people think they're cute and whatnot, so if some people are into drawing them/collecting pics like that, it really doesn't bother/affect me at all. I feel the same way about babyfur pics.

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    No. They are just a turn off. Well, there are exceptions, but it would have to be a human from a cartoon, and it has to be done well. I hate pictures with obvious Photoshopping/drawings of diapers. I also hate pictures that look like a retarded monkey drew.

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    I've looked at them. I can't say I felt anything more than one giant 'meh'. I don't see the big deal with them personally. Then again I don't usually enjoy pictures of others in diapers, beyond finding some of them cute if they are *B ones, and cartoons usually don't convey cute well in my opinion.

    I haven't seen a diapered character like that that made me feel one way of the other yet.

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    Oh, completely yes! Once I included diapers in my ItaSasu fantasies, that made it complete.

    I think babyfurs are alright, but aside from that, I don't really pay attention to any other character wearing diapers.

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    I like it, but not just when people take an official picture of a cartoon character and (crappily) draw a diaper over it in MS Paint. I prefer original art, or at least edits that appeared to take some time.

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    Yay. I prefer babyfur pictures hundreds of times more than diapered humans, but they can be cute sometimes too. I generally prefer original characters too, with exceptions. Sure, there's some crap out there though, but when isn't there crap? There's bad music, bad tv shows, bad movies, bad paintings, etc.

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