I think 99% of us are always on the lookout to either find the next best perfect diaper or idea's on how to make our existing diapers better.
I may have come across a good idea.
My favorite diaper atm is the abu sdk's, I have a mixture of mediums and larges. The mediums are a good fit, the larges are a little to big, but I like the fact how the larges ride a little higher on me.
I also have a few left over pampers size six's that I use to use as stuffers back in the day before all these more absorbent diapers came out, I noticed something about most baby diapers that adult diapers are missing out on. The rear cut is very, very different. The wings that hold the back tapes are lower in proportion to the back padding. This allows when the diaper is taped up to a child the back sheet to ride higher (to the small of the back) while the front taping panel can be placed just below the belly button and stay there, not sag to the top of hip bones.
My medium sdk's land right at the top of my butt (need like 1.5" to hit the small of my back) and tape about 1" below my belly button, (while the diaper is fitting good, it feels like a low rider to me)
I took the large abu's and cut the tapes off the back wings, I then got (2) pieces of white duct tape and cut 3" lengths to make new tapes. I brought the diaper up to my the front taping panel just below my belly button the back side up as high as it would go (which was up the small of back, a little to high, but this is an experiment)
I then taped the unit, I placed the evenly across, this allowed the tapes to land perfectly on the taping panel and much lower on the back sheet.
Looking at myself in the mirror it looked like a true baby diaper, but performance was a bit shocking, I wore that diaper for 5 hours, I mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, washed my truck, the diaper was pretty wet at the end (absorption was normal for sdk's) but the unit as a whole did not move at all, the leak guards held to, the sag was evident, but more in the rear, then front bulge and I was way more comfortable.
I will be doing this with the rest of my large sdk's, but the main thing is hopefully a diaper manufacturer (hopefully someone in the Seattle area) reads this and it sparks interest and experiments on a my more professional level than mine and we get a new single tape product, or and upgraded product.