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Thread: Do you try to disguise your ABDL purchases in-store?

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    Default Do you try to disguise your ABDL purchases in-store?

    Or do you exclusively order online?

    I both order online and buy in store. In-store I try to disguise it by buying related baby products like a gallon of milk, cheerios, and fruit snacks. It's silly to be concerned about what the staff thinks I know. Does anyone else do this?

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    I have way too much milk in my house right now lol
    And I'm lactose intolerant.

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    Yes I kinda do, I treat my ABDL side secretly, I use gift cards, or cash whenever possible not to show up on my bank account for anyone who wants to use it against me xD.

    I buy adult diapers, and bottles separately and at different stores ofc. so yes I do. I just take it one step further.

    Some people are noisy and try piece two and two together. It's easier to explain when you just have adult diapers, instead of having both on you xD

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    I buy my luvs size 5 along with wipes. Then go to another store and buy my Tenas. No biggie. The big thing we have to worry here is our housemates seeing the cloth when we do laundry. Then we just wash the cloth padding with towels, then wrap them up once dry.

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    Guess I'm a little different since I'm not an AB but a daddy, I don't care who sees what I'm buying, its really nobodies business but mine. I'll be more than happy to let some busy body know as well

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    Yes, I use cash, and gift cards and I double bag my abdl stuff to prevent it from certan people *Stares at my brother* from seeing.

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    Most of it is online, but for those things I buy in the store no I do not disguise it. It's pretty simple, the employees are they to sell products, I am buying the product. They don't care, and as I don't know them I wouldn't care even if they did.

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    My mother who often bought me toddlers goods, such as milk, cereal, diapers, and etc... so I rarely disguised, for shopping purposes.
    But I guess in disguise is the thing is must to do for privacy hiding that considered secrets for personal lives and it's normal among those who have personal privacy.

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    I hide my ab products behind my Shopping bag that i Carry with me, it's a Little Hard to hide a big pack of diapers but i shouldn't be hiding who i am.

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    When I buy new pacifiers I'm always worried someone I know will discover me, I live in a really small town. Sometimes I take the commuter train to a nearby town to be able to shop without getting stressed out about it. I actually enjoy shopping AB-stuff cause I want to touch the things I'm buying.

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    For me I just walk in and get what I need and I'm not scared of someone seeing me, sometimes if I am thirsty or hungry I'll get something as well but usually I just go in, get diapers and come out.

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