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Thread: I've been caught finally.

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    Default I've been caught finally.

    So my mom caught me but acted like it didn't happen. I've been debating all day on whether i need to sit down and talk to her.

    I'd like to bring up that she kind of already knows I'm an ABDL. I confessed when i was 18. But at the time i still really didn't understand my feelings and never told her i've felt this way since the age of 5. She felt it was a phase and i would grow out of it. We never spoke of it again and i've to my knowledge been very good about hiding it.

    Which brings us to today. My mom is getting ready to sell the house and is fixing it up. She needed to measure my closet to put new doors on. Forgetting i just changed and hadn't put everything up. I opened the door to let her in. I didnt realize it until she left my room but i left my wipes, baby powder, plastic pant and pacifier sitting on my bed.
    *engage freakout mode*

    She never mentioned it but i know she saw it probably as not to embarrass me. She is very open minded and i know she wouldn't care. But it is bugging the hell out of me that she saw and said nothing. She knows i'm dealing with psychological issues and i don't want her assuming its connected. So i wanted to ask you guys. Should i bring up what she saw and sit down and talk with her? Or should i just let it go? If i do sit down and talk to her about it. How would you bring it up?

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    I think you should say "Hey mom, you Know when i let you in my room and you saw some of my stuff, i wanted you to see them so you would know how i felt, this is not something you did, it's something i enjoy, i won't rub it your face and it is nothing to do with the fact i am having a hard time at the moment as i felt like this since i was 5"

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    I'm very strongly of the opinion that you should say nothing. That is your personal business and the reason she didn't say anything is out of respect for you as well as discretion. You're 25 which means you're a grown adult and have your own life. It's not her place to meddle just as surely as you would not want to know what goes on in your parents' bedroom. Imagine if they were into a certain kink - would you like to hear all about it? Probably not. Best thing you can do at this point is move on and act as if it never happened. Remember this as the bottom line - this kink is special and people who do not share it will never understand it. We don't even understand it!

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    If your mother doesn't care when she saw that, it means she already understands your situation.

    but if she wanted an explanation,
    I think you have to explain it and you also have to understand your mother,
    if she objected, you must tell the truth to him that your life is like that,
    but if she not objected, as I say she already understands you.

    As your parent, she knows the best for you.
    Essentially you don't get too feared when that happens because it would trigger your mother to suspicious of you.

    "Remain calm and explain honestly."

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    Relax, she knows about it already and doesn't feel there is a need to discuss it. You have enough stress. Don't add more about a non-issue. If there is something that you feel your Mom could help you with, then talk to her about that need. Just relax, you have a good Mom.

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    She could be trying to "guilt" you into confessing and starting the dialogue, which could actually work in your favor, if you lead she follows rather than being wild accusations and arguments and all the drama, you could control the CONVERSATION, something to the effect of "hey Mom we started this talk when I was 18 but things have changed and solidified in my mind over the years, let's sit and discuss my choices and feelings regarding diapers", it's non threatening and a very calm rationale opening for a dialogue of adults, rather than a parent- child not in my house or anything like that, this could be an opening for a win-win situation if you approach it right.

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    She may already know and just doesn't care.

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    Thanks for all the replies. She still hasn't brought it up or acted any different like something is bothering her. So for the time being i'm not going to bring it up.

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    I guess this topic is closed but I thought I'd weigh in anyway. I hate my parents because they boxed my ABDL side since I was 3. It never leaves me though! I don't need anyone in my life as longs as I have my stash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DprEffect View Post
    Thanks for all the replies. She still hasn't brought it up or acted any different like something is bothering her. So for the time being i'm not going to bring it up.
    It sounds like you mom has accepted this and that's a good thing. You might mention to her that you're alright and nothing is bothering you, if that's true of course.

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