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    I got a raise from work. It's just a little bump, but I don't really much care about it. Still looking for work. Really no luck on that front. This completely sucks. I'm hoping for something to came up soon.

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    Hi KryanAshford

    Got a raise was good thing, a sign that your career is increasing. but I guess you don't need to be too hasty to get the job you want, because there are process in that. If your salary is not too high, you need to remain patient, because someday your career will get bigger and you will also get a higher salary soon.

    But if you continue to choose another job for some reason, it's up to you if that is best for you.
    essentially, don't be too hurried and just be yourself to determine your future!


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    Never be complacent with where you are. There is always room to move forward. (need to keep reminding myself of this)

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