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Thread: Greetings to all

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    Red face Greetings to all

    Hello all I'm magicgirl I'm 1 of those jack/Jill of all trades spend most days at work or I'm helping friends sort stuff out at home I get to be the ather me I'm a transgender m to f so girly time.

    This is the first time I've tried a site like this but Iv had these feelings for a while as a transgender I grow up in the rong body so when I come out as a girl I liked to regress and be a little girl to recapture my lost youth of course it progressed in to baby girl helped along by me reading ar/tg storys so I started to wear and use diapers at home as well as an interest in ather baby items when I get the time.

    I work 5 to 7 days as a Ta for an electrician/cabler and sound engineer plus I do computer repairs/general home maintenance and my chores at home, but when it's all dun I can relax pick out a cute outfit and be myself.

    It's not esey to balance my life most of my time I'm working with tradesmen so I carnt tork about me with them, I've got sum friends I can tork to about being transgender and sum parts of me but not ather parts of me I carnt tork about so I'll post this and see what happens.

    Thanx for reading magicgirl.

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    Hello Magicgirl and welcome to the group.

    This is a very good introduction.


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    Welcome, magaicgirl. For a fist choice in sites, you've hit one of the best! Enjoy.

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