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Thread: Omg, omg, new Goodnites!

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    They change their design every couple of years or so and, apparently, get worse. >_>

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    Lukie, I love you.

    Yeah, I remember having an old package of goodnites that were plain white and fit me. Then I bought them a couple months ago and.... *ick.*
    Though, in their defense, I did go straight for the shorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    It's just a new package. :P
    Incorrect! :thumbsdown: The new boy Goodnites have cars and the new girl Goodnites have a new flower design! I'm looking forward to the latter, myself.

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    They might just be copying underjams, and putting different designs on for each size...

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    I think
    Hypnotized is right.
    that their trying to copy pampers Underjams

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    Well in an industrialised country that NEEDS compitition like people who need water, it seems that this is the situation. They're trying to compete with UnderJams. IMO I don't care about WHICH is better. I like both.

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    Looks like they are reducing the package count the s/m new design says there are 15 the old ones have 17

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