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Thread: DIAPERS for horses!

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    Default DIAPERS for horses!

    Yes you heard me right! A city in Louisiana just made it a law to diaper your horse!

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    Lol I've heard of that but have never seen it before. It'd be an adorable sight indeed XD

    It's because horses can be very messy and often poop while in the middle of a ride. Over time it can build up in the streets.

    I'm surprised they didn't mention that in the story.

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    Most people are pretty upset about it.

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    Well, if the horses have to wear diapers, they should ALL have to wear diapers! It only seems fair.

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    Can't say I blame them to be honest when it does force a change in some peoples' lives.
    Have never diapered a horse, but I'd imagine they wouldn't be too happy about it at first.

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    I actually live in Louisiana, and yes people around here lille to ride horses. Some people ride horses everywhere. There's groups of people that like to have a trail ride. This is when a large group of people get together with their wagons and horses and ride.

    There's often horse crap on the street and it is nasty. It stinks. Especially during the humid summer. I don't ride horses. I used to live in an area where people rode horses all the time. It smelled terrible. The smell traveled.

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    I've had horses and I think this is stupid. Yes horses poop everywhere but all it is is hey. I don't notice the smell anymore from being around it unless someone is mucking a stall mainly the pee spot. I've rode horses where they would rear putting a saddle on. I can't imagine trying to diaper a hot horse.

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    Horses in a lot of cities have been diapered for years, they got lucky!

    And I guess we know what DLsteven's other fetish is, I however will admit I do not find horses hot,but different strokes for different folks , sorry could not resist that opening.

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    Horses are often featured in parades. Either the horses go LAST, or they have a "catch in back" to keep the road apples off the road.

    If you google around you can find horror stories of bands etc trying to slog through the aftermath of the clydesdales ahead of them that weren't "properly prepared" before the parade. Those people have to keep their heads up, and looking straight ahead, and often have limited or zero visibility to the ground in front of them, so a road apple can easily cause a domino of several players, slamming $10,000 musical instruments onto the pavement. Does not go unnoticed.

    It's not an issue for any professionall appearances like the Budweiser Clydesdales, they're experienced and know how to prep their horses. It's the podunk parade organizers in backwater cities that decide to lead off with one or two big flatbed wagons with big city-pride artwork or public figure floats waving to the crowd, pulled by teams of horses. They don't think about what they're setting up for the rest of the parade, which quickly goes downhill.

    These aren't really diapers, they're usually large (usually black) rubber or vinyl baskets behind/below the horses. They're contoured and somewhat disguised/hidden amonst the riggings and supports and bells and other adornments, and are NOT waterproof. They've got drainage holes to let out urine (which won't be a serious problem on the pavement) but to keep the apples off the road.

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