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    I haven't seen this topic posted in quite sometime. Does anyone have a workout regiment for losing weight? I just lost enough to get into a medium Tena, But i need to lose a bit more before I go to my new job. I cut out sodas and sugar drinks out of my diet. I run every day but i just cannot get this last bit of belly to shrink down. I also drink lots of water every hour. SO im glad im stocked up on padding.

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    I'd also like to know. Also on a diet. Lost 18lbs but I can't seem to lose any more ahh...

    What I'm doing that's different from your plan is when you're hungry, always have a small healthy snack instead. Because your body will take all of the fat out of it thinking you won't have a ready meal next time. After the small snack, drink a whole cup of water. If you're still hungry after about 10 minutes, have a small meal on a small plate. The small plate actually matters, because your mind will be tricked into feeling like there's more food than there actually is. And try not to let yourself get hungry with small healthy snacks of veggies, fruit, berries, granola, etc occasionally throughout the day.

    Other than that, I've heard somewhere losing weight is 70% diet, 30% exercise.

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    I lost a bunch of weight awhile back. Did the calorie counting thing and just tried to get a good variety of foods.

    No gimmicks, no fad diets, just eating better and getting a little exercise works. Didn't do anything crazy, tried to eat around 500 (1000 early on, but 500 once I got close) under my estimated daily calorie needs, kept the carbs, salts, and sugars low and got plenty of protein.

    Ultimately it's not so much about dieting as changing the way you eat in general, and losing weight just becomes a side effect of that over time. If you can't see eating that way for the rest of your life while losing weight, it's probably not going to work because you'll just go back to your old habits as soon as you are "done".

    I guess some random bits of advice:
    - Learn to love cooking. Making your own meals (even unhealthy ones) tends to be healthier, plus you know exactly what's going into it and can make tweaks to make it healthier/etc.
    - Lean chicken is your best friend. Filling, low calories, lots of protein, no carbs, and you can do a lot of really good things with it.
    - Try to get most of your carbs from veggies and beans. If you go for pasta and rice, make it whole wheat.
    - Get lots of fiber.
    - Use veggies to bulk up your meals. Half a plate of green beans is like 80 calories, and makes the meal way more satisfying just by volume (plus they are good for you on their own..).
    - Lean to read a nutrition label, and absolutely don't assume that the diet version of something is healthier or even healthy at all. In fact, if it says it's healthy, that's a good sign that it's probably not.

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    Exercise is healthy but it doesn't help much to reduce weight.

    What you want to do is to reduce or completely cut sugar drinks and food and high processed foods. I did this about a year ago and notice a great change, a few months after I also became a vegetarian and noticed even more change after that.

    In conclusion, focus on your eating habits and don't be afraid to cut on what you have been taught to eat, you'll see a lot of information out there it's the number of calories that count and etc, a lot of misinformation but also good information, there's a whole industry wanting you to keep consuming food that is not just bad, is terrible for you. One of the more recent docs I've watched is Fed Up, I highly recommend it.

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