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Thread: Dream about diapers that dad found

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    Default Dream about diapers that dad found

    So I had a dream last night, that my dad somehow found a pack of diapers in a room, it didn't end well, I'll get to that in a moment.

    This room doesn't exist in real life. It was in a open area of his current yard. So that tells me 1) it won't happen, or 2) my dream will come true, to an extent, at some point and he'll build a building there.

    Anyway, he found them in some random dresser (I didn't recognize it), he went ballistic and tossed the bag to the other side of the room, and they all go flying out of the bag. The starts saying "I f*cking knew it" and a dozen other comments that I don't really remember. He then storms out cursing and saying that that I (? see comment at end of post) need church in my life and therapy and this and that.

    Thing is, there was another family member there, an uncle. I look at him confused as he looks at me the same way. I shrug my shoulders and say "I have no idea, I'm just as confused as you are" He lets out a little nervous chuckle. I say "I don't wear diapers, so they aren't mine." and laugh. I then look back to where the door once was, it's now back in the open yard as it is now, and then I wake up in a cold sweat.

    (?) He didn't say that it was "me" in the dream but didn't say any other names either.

    What do you make of this dream?

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    Fluffy Mastiff, I guess you don't have to think too much about that in a moment you will be caught, because it will lead to fears of being dragged into dream while sleeping. because the dream basically is occurring from the reflection of our thinking in everyday situations.

    If you often think to worry, it'll make your dreams happen this way,
    so if you want to think positive to be calm, I'm sure you will not have nightmares like that. but if you want to think positive to be calm, I'm sure you will not have nightmares like that.

    remains to calm your mind, do not worry too much
    because everything that happens in this life not always depend on the dreams and thoughts.

    "Don't let your mind change who you are"
    may this help you Fluffy Mastiff
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    Thank You. It helps.

    I have had a lot of anxiety and stress in the past 6 months or so, and it's only increasing it seems. Oh well, it too will pass

    I'm a odd one, I like nightmares, but not like this one

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    Probably getting discovered is somewhere in the back of your mind. I've had dreams about diapers all of my life. Sometimes I'm a kid in high school or college, and I find diapers and desperately try to put one on. In the dream, people keep coming into my room interrupting my being able to wear. Sometimes I dream I'm out in public and I'm diapered. Sometimes in that dream, I don't have on any pants and I'm desperately looking for some to cover my diaper.

    The mind is a strange place and it deals with things in its own way. In your case, it's probably dealing with your anxiety about getting caught.

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    Most likely, yes... especially since the incident with my aunt at the party.

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