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Thread: Diaper Bag Contents

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    Default Diaper Bag Contents

    What's in those diaper bags?

    I currently have 2 bottles of powder, pack of wipes, 1 Snuggies Overnight, 2 (each) ABU Lavender and Cushies & 4 Bambino Biancos.

    What diapers do you carry with you?

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    I carry wipes, either johnsons, pampers or Huggies, they have to be sensitive because I have very sensitive skin everywhere. I don't carry powder but I carry rash cream if I have a rash, I usually take 3 diapers in my bag to college for just in casers, just 1 if I am going for a walk or shopping out, 2 if I am visiting my mom in hospital. I either have pampers baby dry or super dry size 6 of course (they fit with a mod and I put a incontinece pad in that make it hold 2 wettings without fail), toujours size 6 (again with the mod, (for those who don't know what toujours are they are a European baby diapers series exclusive to the European supermarket chain Lidl) or a drynites 4-7 or a 8-15 without any mods.

    The pampers smell nice and I was a pampers baby growing up so these diapers suit me, plus the designs are cute, toujours I just stumbled apon when I was searching for diapers for a cheaper price, despite them being cheap, they are just as good as pampers sometimes. I get pampers sometimes as a treat, whilst I get a pack of toujours that have 30 in because they are cheaper, I also get a pack of 9-10 diaper drynites in my diaper shop and it usually ties me down for the week.

    The incontinece pads I use in the baby diapers are cheap morrisons own brand ones and they work very well and are bulky and add to the feel when wearing my diaper, them put inside my diaper can hold 2 wettings and can make the pampers or toujours perform just like regular baby diapers, since toujours and pampers size 6 fit me Front to back, it's only a came of creating straps and making them again when they start freying or getting weak, After a while you Can figure out where to attach the straps since they can cause leakd if not put on at your appropriate waist size. I should post a Tutorial of my making them and moddify the diapers so you can wear baby diapers just like me!

    The drynites are basically pull-ups for bedwetting and only have 9-10 diapers in, i stumbbled soon them one i relized i Wanted diapers and i found them, tried them out an decided i like them, so i still get a pack because i go through 40 diapers a week. The drynites like the modified Baby diapers csn hold 2 wettings and don't require a mod. I salvage the stretchy sides sometimes when i need new Straps made one i have worn that Ddaper and then i throw it away.
    The 4-7 drynites at the moment have frozen on them with not much difference between the 2 designs, i have to cut 2 slits on the sides to make sure this sising doesn't rip or cut off my circulation. I prefer the 8-15 although i like Frozen, they fit me like a glove, i have size 30" waist or something and i Eat healthily so i don't gain much more weight. Their designs are either a pink diaper with butterflies on or a purple diaper with flowers on, so they still look little girlish.

    Thats my diaper bag stuff anyway, but i went off topic a bit.

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    In my diaper bag I keep my diapers which are the Northshore Care Supremes, Huggies wipes, also my incontinence pads where are Depend Guards for Men in case I am not wearing diapers as I am incontient. I also keep fresh sacks to be able dispose of the diapers and pads.

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    Currenly, my FILA diaper bag that I usually carry (looks like a small backpack) has two Dry247s, two Attends Breathable extras, a cloth diaper, a spare snappi, package of Sams Club adult wipes, a spare pair of big boy underpants, and a couple of plastic bags.

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    I carry 6 Northshore , Remedy Restore barrier cream, wipes, 2 pair of rubber bloomers, a onesie and pair of pants , spare Radio, spare gps, medication , handcuffs, extra ammo,flashlight w 6 18650 changes, spare antenna .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    I carry 6 Northshore , Remedy Restore barrier cream, wipes, 2 pair of rubber bloomers, a onesie and pair of pants , spare Radio, spare gps, medication , handcuffs, extra ammo,flashlight w 6 18650 changes, spare antenna .

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    Gosh!, you came prepared!

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    Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all this stuff.

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    Ah just rereading this I sound a little Bill Cosby, the medication is for me and the handcuffs are a just in case , somebody goes nut job around Me,but yes it is a well stocked smorgasbord of everything needed to survive stuck out of Towne over nite, a natural disaster , or a routine day at the park down the street, in another bag I have on my chair I have dog leash ( made of paracord) ,food, collapsing water bowl, medical records , Cath's, gloves , grocery bags to throw out my diapers, and my dogs waist ( he just does not share my love of all things diaper, and insists there's plenty of lawn, I even tried coloring diapers green, I ended up looking like gumby walking his dog ) and a couple of bed/ changing pads, a bunch of breakfast bars, and some just in case money and change for the bus or vending machine , emergency blankets, a lightning charger for my ipod and a power cord for my tablet , I figure if this stuff is always on my chair I can not forget to pack it when I go somewhere, my chair is my sherpa, I just never get to climb the mountain , I am pretty well stocked for an emergency deployment into a disaster area, I really should stand down and let younger healthier guys take over but would you not feel better when a handicapped guy gets off the plane and says I am here to Help! Not what you imagine as your white night , but people fail to realize we are resourceful and resilient, we have to be able to think on our seat which is why diapers are great they keep my brain warm, for those of us with brains in our ass they are just hats to keep you warm, on a more serious note amateurs all have "go boxes" with radios and all the stuff in my chair ready for deployment, I just take mine everywhere, as I have told people many times if you live at home with your Parents getting involved with emergency public service is a great cover for having diapers, because they are part of your standard "go boxes" everybody I run with has diapers because we do not know when or wear we might go , or what kind of sanitation is still functioning or if you will have time to use it, and your parents will thing you are doing something really good and need diapers to do your job and will support you, it's rather elaborate however it's so elaborate no one would think it was a cover, I myself am ready anytime but have only been called up three times in 25 years ( well actually twice 9/11 I just went because that was my home, and my job at the time and it was an "all hands on deck" situation) so anyway it is a great cover for those who want diapers around and thanks to the Chinese you can buy a radio on Amazon cheaper than a pack of decent diapers, food for thought for anyone who needs a cover that's Mother approved.

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    At the very least,
    2 or 3 x Abena M3
    1 x pair extra regular-waist plastic pants
    1 x extra onesie
    1 x extra pair of pants
    1 x baby powder bottle
    1 x pack of baby wipes

    Possibly also
    another Abena M3
    another pair of regular-waist plastic pants
    a pair of high-waist plastic pants
    1 or 2 x terry square
    4 x diaper pin
    1 x changing pad

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    I have no Diaper Bag I have wanted one for a long time though. I want an ABDL one not a baby one. Thank god I found the ABDL community and know where to get stuff. In my stash though I have Sesame Street Baby wipes, 1 bottle of baby powder, good amount of Bambino Classicos. When on the go I use my backpack and carry 1 or 2 or 3 clean diapers, a pack of wipes and thats it.

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