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Thread: Best diapers for wearing under regular clothes

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    Default Best diapers for wearing under regular clothes

    Hi everyone

    So I'd like to start wearing in public more I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for diapers that could be worn more discreetly under regular clothes such as jeans etc.

    I was about to go out to the supermarket just now but noticed either whatever I wore the superdry kids that I'm currently wearing just seemed really noticeable. Was going to wait until it got dark and then go in the hope that the supermarket would be quiet and no one would notice in the dark on my walk there.

    But back on topic if anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated I do tend to wear jeans most days or shorts if it's the summer.


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    I wear a thinner diaper for daytime.

    My first choice is the Tranquility ATN,
    second choice Total Dry Plus,
    third choice (discontinued)...any thin plastic backed diaper.

    The most discrete diaper currently on the market for men is the Depend Tru-Fit. "Looks and feels like regular underwear" Will reasonably hold 1 wetting while standing.

    Also discrete and good absorbancy...likely to hold 2 wettings is the Always Discrete underwear for women. You could wear this under regular underwear.

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    I've been wearing (If you don't mind getting a women's brand) Assurance for Women. They blend in really well, and I wear them with my friends around in public. A 20 pack of small/ meduium cost me $7.88 at walmart
    Always discrete work really well, too.

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    Wear your regular diaper. and baggy jeans. Or big boy underwear over top. It helps to push everything down. Also a good onesie is in order. I go out in a Tena overnight, with a stuffer and a cloth diaper covering everything. No one has noticed.

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    I go out in Dry24/7s everyday without a problem, I just don't wear tight-fitting (or "skinny") jeans. I'm not saying you need to wear cargo pants or something tent-like, but straight-leg loose-fitting jeans will cover up the sound and not even be noticeable (as long as you don't double up or add stuffers). Even with shorts I don't have an issue, if they're cut right

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    Belted diapers are better for wear under clothes if you go on public places in regular clothing. But some "usual" slip diapers can be also very good
    1.Attends Active slip ( PE backed) these ones are excellent
    2.Tena Flex ( Maxi or Plus, depends on how long you will be out, )
    3. ID belt Maxi
    4. ID slip expert plus slip( PE backed and fit perfectly)

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    Northshore Supreme "Lite" are very nice. Obviously not as absorbent as the normal, but a very comfortable and useful diaper for daytime.

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    I wouldn't recommend using pull-ups - I never found them to be useful or even usable when I was toilet trained, and it's only now that I'm not that they're sort of coming into their own.

    Personally, I wear Abena M3 Comfort all the time - I don't know if they're sold under that name or even sold overseas but they're like Air Plus except about 3/4 the price. They fit fine under straight-leg jeans, although I would recommend heavy-gauge plastic pants, as cloth-backed diapers in general tend to get smelly faster.

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    Thanks for the advice guys I'll definitely check out as many of the suggestions as I can. So far I've only bought specific AB designed diapers before so I'll have to try out some of the non Ab adult diapers. I did end up going out last night whilst wearing and I don't think anyone noticed although it was very late and quiet out, I think a lot f it is just nerves that I have to get over/

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    I wear molicare maxi slip with a booster and regular jeans everyday and to work, it's not noticeable at all. So don't worry

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