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Thread: Might be paranoid but needed to share.

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    Default Might be paranoid but needed to share.

    So I'm writing this because I've been having some really troubling thoughts recently and just wanted to share them. If anyone has any advice then that would be brilliant but if not then that's cool, I'm hoping it will do me good just to be able to share some of these thoughts.

    Basically a few evenings ago I had a night mare about telling a new partner about my ABDL side only for them to react badly and tell my friends and family.

    Since having this nightmare the past few days I have had these paranoid thoughts running through my head about what would happen if a partner or ex partner where ever to spread my secret.

    I'm sure that many of my family, professional and faith circles would react badly.

    I know that if I'm luck enough to get into a serious relationship again I'll want to share my ABDL side because I always regretted not telling my fiancee before she died 5 years ago.

    Not really sure if I'm after advice or if there is really any that could be given, just really felt like I needed to share this.

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    Thanks for sharing, BabyBobby. I'm sorry to hear about your past fiancée and your current worries.

    I don't think it's possible to ease them completely, but I think worrying about what someone might do isn't that helpful. Instead, think about what you can do.

    You can try to think about what ways are effective to get to know a partner and feel them out to figure out how they'd respond if you told them about ABDL.

    You can also think about ways you might explain to friends or family of something did happen so that you'll be ready in the worst case.

    Once that's done, there's nothing else to worry about. Life is full of unknowns and we all make mistakes. keep your worries for the things that you can change.

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    I recently told my husband about my DL side. Before that, a very small part of my fear was about the issue of your nightmare. I say small because I had confidence in my husband. We have a very long relationship to this point and it made me confident. That being said, don't do it my way. You'll pile on reason after reason why telling a suitor should wait. But, overtime you will have lied repeatedly. It's just bad for you, physically and emotionally. Learn enough about the person to trust them with your other big secrets and the bond will be strong enough to let this out.

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    I certainly can understand that fear. I certainly wouldn't want my friends to know I enjoy wearing diapers. But in the bigger picture, everyone has something about them that they wouldn't want the rest of the world to know. Even though wearing diapers and feeling like a baby is big time weird, over time, it loses it's emotional impact. Sooner or later, people would say, "Whatever," and move on. We all do over other peoples' idiosyncrasies.

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    Already feeling better for having started this thread, I think I just needed verbalize things as a way of getting the thoughts out of my head for a while. Thanks for the feedback though guys much appreciated, I know I don't post super regular but there's times like this when I don't know what I'd do without being able to come to this site. I think some of the thoughts are because I've been dating a lot more over the last 8 months then I have done in a year and a half previously and it's not been that long since I gave into the desires to wear. I'm a bit better place mentally today as well and the more I think about it most of the people really close to me would probably be ok with it after an initial shock factor. I could see lot's of my Christian friends getting weird about it but I don't see as much of them now anyway after leaving my old church because it was too backwards thinking.

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    I have had these same nightmares!

    Basically your subconscious mind has prepared you to not do anything stupid. Dreams can sometimes prepare us for paramount circumstance; they act as a sub-barrier to analyze our circumstance before acting.

    They do count.

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    Dreams often affects on a person's mind, because basically dreams are born from the mind of someone who is thinking too deep of something, such as concerns, problems or happiness.

    Because of that, we do not realize the dream to reality, because it will change our lives mind.
    Remains to thinking in real and positive.

    "Don't let your mind change who you are"

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