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Thread: Does anyone else feel this?

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    Default Does anyone else feel this?

    First off hope everyone is doing good.
    I have no problems holding my pee when I'm not diapered during the day. Night time is a different story, I sometimes wet.
    Anyway when I'm diapered I notice that I can go very easy, to easy actually, and lately I noticed that I really don't feel myself self going, I just feel the wetness develop around my diaper.
    Yesterday I was laying on my couch and I felt a slight urge to go, as the urge came I was actually already going, it felt like I had a weak stream maybe or something weird like a small pee, but in reality it was a big pee due to the wetness that was absorbed, but in all honesty I didn't even really feel myself going, it happened again this morning, small urge but emptied like a large one, it almost feels as though my penis is numb, just wondering if anyone else has this happen to them

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    You say that you can control your bladder when you are not wearing a diaper. If that is really the case, there is probably nothing to be too concerned about. Nevertheless, a medical consultation might be a good idea just to be on the safe side. However, not being able to feel that you need to go or actually experience the sensation of urinating would be a serious symptom of a neurological problem if it happened when you are not wearing a diaper and caused you to wet yourself accidentally.

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    What you describe is how I am all the time and why I have to wear nappies 24/7. My incontinence is caused by diabetic related nerve damage and I have to admit that once I started wearing nappies all the time got worse just as my continence nurse said it would. If you can control your bladder when not wearing a nappy then I doubt it is a medical problem more likely a physiological one. If it isn't a problem when not wearing a nappy then I wouldn't worry too much.

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    I can hold it when I'm not wearing but not as easily when I am. It's more of a subconscious thing really. I know when I feel a diaper I don't have to hold it and not to flood. This is all when I'm not even thinking about it. The brain is an amazing thing.

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