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Thread: Anyone have any pets?

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    Default Anyone have any pets?

    What kind of pets do you have / want? Pics are very welcome!

    I have:
    2 sheep (Azazel + Toriel)
    1 cat (Keiko)
    1 ferret (Skyy)
    pics included <3

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Would like a hamster, but I think I have enough animals for now

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    I have a Guinea Pig.
    His name is Ernie".

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    His name is Ernie".
    And he drove the fastest milk cart in the west!

    I don't have any pets. I'm allergic to most things with fur, and I've never really liked the idea of keeping a domesticated animal for some reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    2 sheep (Azazel + Toriel)
    Oh wow! Okay... I'm not into traditional pets, but I would love a few sheep! I've always liked them! They're so cute and fluffy and I love stroking them! I wish I had a garden big enough!

    A friend-of-a-friend runs a riding school and has a few horses. I vaguely like horses (and donkeys, mules, etc.) too -- they all have such different personalities. But there's one horse who is really timid at first and won't let you touch him, but he gradually sniffed me out, licked my hand... then let me stroke him and then give him a hug! And... I almost fell in love! He's so shy and timid, yet really trusting once he gets to know you, and he loves attention! He listens to everything you say.

    It's funny. I never really understood why people (especially young girls) could be so obsessed with horses, but I kind of get it now. They are so intelligent, and I can see how much information they try to communicate, and how sensitive they are to information communicated to them. They read body-language so well that I can see how it would be possible to form a really close bond with them.

    I'd also like to befriend some elephants. Again... they are so intelligent, and I would love to look into their eyes and help them. But, I wouldn't like to see a captive elephant, and wild elephants probably wouldn't benefit from being stroked by a weird alien species like me, so... yeah... Same with dolphins... and chimpanzees! Oh, I'd love to swim with dolphins and meet some chimps, but... unless they've been rescued and can't be reintegrated into the wild, I'm happy to dream and leave them alone in peace.

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    I do not have a pet, but I am the un-fire able staff of my cat "Little Sweetie Sweetheart". My avatar is her at about 4 months old.

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    I've had my dog for about ten years and he's my little boy. His name is Lou; as in "the Lou dog from sublime songs"(they're my favorite band).

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    We have a golden retriever and she's a hand full. She loves to run and play and she's great company to my wife and myself. Yeah dogs!

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    Oooh I love dogs. What breed of dogs do you guys like?

    Me... I'm torn between huskies and shiba inus.

    Would like to have dogs but I live in flea and tick country so that's a no go. Even if they do live indoors, they'd have to be taken out to use the restroom and go on walks.
    Surprisingly my sheep don't have any problems with fleas nor ticks. Maybe they just hate the way their blood tastes?

    Occasionally I'll see one hanging on their fleece, but they fall off or don't latch on. I'm definitely not complaining though~

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    I has a lot of animal friends!

    There's Feather-Paw and Magic my two rabbits x3
    Lexi the kitty cat XD
    Pickle and Levi the Degu's
    Coffee the Hamster
    A milk snake called Ruby Elric; (Or as dubbed by my brothers: "Ruby Jesus Zombie wait it's not a corn snake elric" )
    And finally my Leopard Gecko Derick

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    Have three dogs (again). We've got a Louisiana Catahoula Hunting Dog, an American Bulldog mix, and just a few days ago picked up an eight week old Great Dane pup (she's filling the hole from losing our last big boy in May).

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