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Thread: Living with parents, they found my diapers.

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    Default Living with parents, they found my diapers.

    I had my box of diapers in my bedroom, and they opened it. I haven't had anyone come up to me about it, but I think my parents were suspicious about my behavior for a long time. Scary stuff. Would love some advice about any aspect of this ABDL lifestyle in the event that they ask me questions. I've never been more stressed in my life.

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    That is one thing I was always afraid of when I lived at home ... and why I never bought any when I lived at home. My parents just enjoy going through my stuff.

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    Stay calm, I know it's easier said than done, if you are panicking, it will give your parents bigger reason to suspect that it is wrong. You can't change their opinion though, I have never personally been caught but I think it would work better than if you were stammering, try to rehearse what you are saying and recommend some websites and don't forget to mention that you are not the only one like yourself.

    Also be honest and don't lie or that will give your parents even bigger reason to not trust you. Just tell the truth and nothing but the truth, don't beat around the bush or miss things out because they will find out sooner or later or perhaps never if you are lucky! If the diapers are medical or things like "tena" then say you have been having issues and you have accepted it and don't like the idea or going to the doctors, clearly state that you do NOT want to go, you should be 18 plus by now which means that you are an adult and can look after yourself by law and that your parents shouldn't really interfere but of course they proberly will, so be careful if you decide to go down this route,

    Alternatively you could tell them if you have AB or actual baby diapers, that you like to be a baby or toddler and you feel this way inside, explain that again you are not the only person who likes baby things and that this won't go away, tell them that you are mentally ill and do not need to go to the doctor or "shrink", if they do send you to see the "shrink" explain to both the doctor and parents that you feel this way and that you know what you are doing and that you are not hurting anybody, exploiting yourself or sexually harassing kids or adults for that matter! Tell them you can balance your life and that you enjoy this when you have free time and won't let this get out of hand. Try to offer them a few sites that accuratly Patray a Little Or adult Baby, don't Show gimiky Shows like my Strange Addiction and Taboo first hand or you Will give them idea that it is something bad and shows like that exagerate!

    My best response would be the second one if you are a Little Or adult baby because it's honest and straight to the point and they won't be any more secrets. I can't guarantee that I can make this any easier for yourself as I can't imagine what your parents reactions are going to be as I don't know your parents, I would expect a bit of shouting or your parents being in a huff, but don't be suprised if they accept it totally and even help out by cuddling you or playing with your toys or something or at least talking about it in a positive way. Lastly I would tell them "mom, dad I love you and I hope you finding my diapers and various other things doesn't effect our relationship in any way, I really enjoy our relationship as it is really special to me and I would hate to ruin it just because of a few stuff that may be out of the ordinary to find in my bedroom, this won't effect my life negatively as it has improved my life and wellbeing, I am more happier and less anxious with my diapers, pacifiers and toys, so please consider it or at least sleep on it and we can talk tomorrow when you have had time to calm down and think about it"

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    Edit, I typo occurred in the 3rd paragraph, the sentence should be "tell them that you are not mentally ill and do not need to see a "shrink"" blablabla...

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    There's some good advise from above. I would read about Infantalism on Wikipedia as they have a very good article including sexual imprinting. Know what you're talking about. Then I wouldn't apologize for it, but be calm and straight forward. I was with my wife and it worked out well. I was very honest about how it was something I had to do, psychologically. In my case, I also explained how I had been acting on it since I was 6 years old.

    I also would explain how it was something that was private to you and didn't involve others, so that they won't think you were a child molester. You should also explain that it's not uncommon, but something similar to people with other kinds of self expressions. Hopefully they will leave it alone.

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    Are you female?

    My mom found my stash once several years ago. I made the excuse I use them on my period to not dirty my bed. She bought it!

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    Ouch. That's one of my worst fears living at home. Without more details and background I can't give specific advice for your situation, but I always figured I'd basically make the following points if caught:
    1) don't go through my stuff if you're not prepared for something like that (or alternativly depending on circumstances: sorry for leaving it out where you could see it)
    2) It's a fetish that just involves wearing/using diapers. It's recognized in psychology diagnostic manuals as mostly harmless, and I've had it as long as I can remember.
    3) I've tried ignoring it before, but figured why not indulge in it if I can afford it and it's not bothering anyone. (If I'm being received badly, this can then segue into "but since you guys found it I can no longer say it's not bothering anyone, so I won't do it anymore as long as I live here", followed by making plans to move out.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    Are you female?

    My mom found my stash once several years ago. I made the excuse I use them on my period to not dirty my bed. She bought it!
    I'll also point out that us boys growing up had their own problems from time to time waking up in damp underwear and sheets form wet dreams too. So there's another possible angle to consider.

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    Hi Storm55

    If that had happened,
    all you can do is stay calm and don't be nervous or feared because they'll be suspicious.
    explain it to them as far as you can and if they do not accept that explanation, let's say the truth to them that you was more than happy to live in this state.
    There is nothing wrong if you explain the truth to them so that they can understand

    people are not allowed to block other people's lives to be what thay wants, because whatever become your happiness is your personal rights except that does not harm others.

    However if your parents accept you to live in state like this and give advice, it is better if you follow it.
    because that is best for you.

    I hope this can help you

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    Be honest, say you enjoy them, or whatever reason you have.
    DO NOT say "They're not _______" because then their mind will fixate on what you're denying them to be.
    Remember that you're doing nothing wrong.
    Be very relaxed about it. If they ask, just say, "oh yeah, it's just _______" and leave it at that. Don't act nervous, you'll be just fine!

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