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Thread: What do you guys think about a photo album of little pics.

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    Default What do you guys think about a photo album of little pics.

    I have been thinking about taking some little pics of me like me playing with my toys or cuddled up in bed on my iPad under a private file, would it be a good idea, like would Apple see my photos and accuse me of being a pedo and what are the odds of my family seeing the photos, (I don't leave my iPad living around often)? I just think it would enhance the experience of looking through photo albums as I like looking at my childhood photos.

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    I wouldn't post the pictures on Facebook or anything, do you think I should post my pictures on here or not?

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    There is a website that is protected and posting of photos like that is acceptable. Its called Fetlife. A lot of ab/dl bf are on it as well. And you can set them to friends only.

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    So adisc isn't safe to post my little photos, I don't want to post my photos to fetlife just for creepy old guys to ogle at, get it FETlife, it caters to fetishes in which my pictures do not represent a fetish, it's a personality. I am not shouting or having a go at you, I am just a little suprised.

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    If you set your pictures to the friends only button. No one can ogle them. I dont know, nor can I speak about this websites security. I know as a guest though when i googles searched i could see some pictures on here. Again, i dont know if outsiders can see this website. And not everyone on fetlife, is there for the fetish aspect, some are there to meet friends and other people who are just like them.

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    I don't think you run the risk of Apple looking at your photos, but I don't own any Apple device so there could be something I'm not aware, like all photos being automatically saved to your Apple account cloud for example.

    As for your family, if you keep them in a password protected folder or file it should be fine. There was a time, some 15 years ago where I would just hide the folders (before realizing it was better to put it all in a password protected rar file), obviously that's not the best idea, but I've always been the most technologically savvy of my family so I think it worked.

    I like taking photos of myself when in little space, I never posted any of them online, although I've been toying with the idea of creating a tumblr page and post some, never showing my face of course.

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    It's like a parent had taken photos of you like parents do!

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    I should password protect my iPad as well

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    I am quite intelligent in hiding things but not so much as a child! I managed to hide things on my laptop where people wouldn't normally be looking! I deleted it as I heard a story about a man who likes being a little had taken pictures of diapers and the police were suspicious, banned him from seeing children whilst he was being investigated and taken his laptop, phone and tablet until he was cleared of all charges, he was accused of pedophilia so I am scared of that happening to me if I take a picture of myself in a diaper or something.

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    I don't have any Apple products either nor do I have a iPad-like device. With that said, you certainly should password protect your photos. In fact, you really should have your iPad protected with a password or other security. Do you have any automatic backup of data or files on your iPad? If not, then I think Apple is unlikely to have any knowledge of your photos. If you do have some backup (which you should unless you don't care about losing all your data and photos), I still think it highly unlikely that Apple would ever see the photos. These processes are entirely automated and if something goes wrong, it usually is with hundreds or thousands of accounts, Apple isn't going to take the time to look through all that data individually.

    Of course, in this day and age, nothing can be guaranteed. The only way to guaranteed, 100% that nobody will ever see those photos is not to take them in the first place.

    I think you are pretty safe in just using a good password to store your photos.

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    I take photos on my iPhone, it's got a passcode, I don't use Apple Cloud and delete photos after a day or two

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    Why do you delete your photos, I want to keep mine?!

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    I would never post pictures of myself on any forum that displays anything beyond vanilla life. Too easy for anyone to just take a screen dump. Sheesh, I'd have anxiety for the rest of my life!!

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