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Thread: How do you fall asleep with a paci in your mouth?

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    Default How do you fall asleep with a paci in your mouth?

    I have pacis age 6-18 months, they are comfortable but I have a hard time trying to sleep with one in my mouth, I really want to wake up with one in my mouth, could you suggest any tips on how to?

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    Pretty simple really, just do it. With practice it will soon feel quite normal. I also use a baby paci and mine is almost always right where I left it by morning...and yes it is very nice to wake up with a paci in your mouth.

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    I agree, with time it should stay in your mouth. I'm just barely able to keep mine in most of the night. If I toss and turn too many times though it does fall out. Practice is key I guess

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    Experiences vary but I found when I was first messing around with these, pacifiers for real babies and children required more effort to keep them in than what I would experience later with pacifiers made for adults.

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    I use an adult paci from ABDLFactory. I've never had a problem keeping it in my mouth when I sleep with it. I've never tried the baby sized ones though. But I agree waking up with it still in my mouth is awesome

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    I the some as Angelic on this my pasifer nearly all way falls out of my mouth while I am asleep.

    The one time it didn't was because Peter's head had stopped it comming out.

    Hay Ho

    It doesn't really bother me though I just pop it back in when I wack up.

    Sometimes I think Rex hides it from me. As it on the floor with him and Peter.

    naughty staffies.



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    I can fall asleep with a paci in my mouth just fine. I just go to bed the way I normally do, only while sucking on the paci. However, it never stays in my mouth. It always falls out.

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    Mine stays in about 75% of the time. The Nuk 6 are a perfect fit and really feel how a paci is supposed to. I have like 8 of them.

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    Yep, with some time you should be able to keep it in, I like the NUK5 and the baby pants classic the most and usually sleep with it all the way through...sometimes I have to search it next morning, but that's pretty uncommon.

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    I fell asleep with it last night and I ended up with back ache when I was sleeping on it the whole night when it came out of my mouth and I rolled on to it, it's quite common for that to happen to me. (I have a bad back anyway, ouch!)

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