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    Red face Hi I'm new

    I've never been part of a forum before, so this is pretty exciting. Especially since I always thought I was alone in my fascination with baby stuff and diapers. It's amazing to talk to people who share this interest without fear.

    A little about me: I raise sheep and make Perler bead art in my spare time.

    Still live at home with my single mother unfortunately. Had plans to move out last year but just my luck I had a terrible accident requiring hospitalization and surgery 2 days before move out day. 5 months later I taught myself how to walk again without physical therapy and am still getting back into the groove of things but am still too weak to move out or get a job just yet.

    My mother doesn't know about this little secret, and I don't exactly plan on telling her about it...

    I'd love to hear about you guys too!

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    Hello Sheepies and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction. The story is amazing and kudos to you for that major accomplishment.

    I to raised sheep for 37 years. I had/ prefer Suffolk's just because they can be the worst spoiled brats you can get in the sheep breed.

    What breed do you like?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi egor! My favorite sheep is definitely the four horned Jacob sheep. They're gorgeous!
    Don't have any unfortunately. I'm still decently new to sheep raising and have 2 under my control as of right now, ram and ewe, hoping to grow my flock when the time goes. Right now they're plump and full of energy and have really helped me get back on my feet since the accident.
    Wrangling them up for medicine is a heck of work out.

    Attached is an older picture of them as youngins.

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