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Thread: How do you wet in public and in front of people?

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    Default How do you wet in public and in front of people?

    I can wear a diaper but not wet in front of people and in public, how do you get over this problem because I want to but I am scared I am going to leak in front of their faces or that they can tell!

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    Practice at hone. If wearing a decent diaper and you do it enough in private, you will surely better understand what you can and can't do when wearing. I find all diapers perform best when standing up. Before I ever wear a brand or style I am not familiar with, I first go while standing up. Then I try it in other positions until I am comfortable knowing its limits. Then I can confidently go out and not worry so much about a leak. Do this enough times and you will be good to go. I love the experimental stage of a new (for me) diaper. But it always will be tested at home first.

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    I have roommates so every time I wear it a in front of someone. If I wear out in public I always make sure I bring at least two changes and change sooner then I would if I was at home. Might be a good idea to bring a extra change of pants as well. Most people will not notice what kind of underware you are wearing and it's none of their business anyways.

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    I can do it at home no problem but not in front of anybody

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I can wear a diaper but not wet in front of people and in public, how do you get over this problem because I want to but I am scared I am going to leak in front of their faces or that they can tell!
    Wear a highly absorbent diaper. Stuffers if you need to. But most of all relax. Others don't know if you are wearing or not. Nor do they care.
    Just relax take a deep breathe in and as you release it feel your bladder empty as well. Just try not to make any faces. I don't wee in public for sexual reasons. I wee for the freedom of not having to use the potty. If you are worried about the smell use a little baby powder to cover it.

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    Warm up to it. Practice at home, then practice in public places where you are fairly alone, and then keep inching towards your goal. There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers and wetting them, so reassure yourself this. No one will notice.

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    I'd agree with the "just work your way up to it" recommendations. I wear 24/7 now, so anyone that sees me sees me while i'm diapered. I'm used to it.

    When you start, you may find concentrating difficult because you're obcessing on your diaper. But given time you'll get where you only notice it from time to time. And it's moments like that you can think to yourself, "I'm happy I'm wearing a diaper right now!"

    I can still recall the times when I'd see a toddler in public at the store or whatever, and think "that kid's lucky, I wish I could be wearing a diaper right now..." Of course now when I see those same little tykes, I just smike to myself and think "me, too!"

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    Like the others have said, practice. And keep reminding yourself that it's ok to wet because your diaper has you covered, and that no one will notice.

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    I'm no expert - but practice and being confident in your diaper is the key. The first few times you'll make a funny face - so probably best to be more-or-less on your own.

    Try wearing outside where you could get home if it all went wrong, and where there are people around but not in a confined space.

    Plastic pants help - but tend to disintegrate if you are wearing them and doing a lot of walking.

    Also try to just relax and let it go rather than push it.

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    Close your eyes and concentrate, don't force it out. I had to do that until I got comfortable. I can't pee in front of people in the mens room, it's easier for me to go in a diaper than in a urinal next to another man. My one close friend that's like my sister can use the toilet if I'm in the bathroom and it's the same for mr with her. It's just gonna be something you have to adjust to.

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